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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS Headlights

One of the headlamp bulbs on my ZS 120 has failed.
The bulb which has failed is the R/H dipped beam.

On my car the two outboard lights are the dipped beam and the two inboard lights are the high beam.

However, the car handbook states just the opposite - the inboard set being dipped and the outboard, high beam.

Can anyone enlighten me on this? ( no pun intended)


Logically speaking the outer ones should be dip, as they will be illuminated all the time, the main only being as required, and the main lights have to be nearest the sides of the vehicle. That is sort-of what Haynes says, outers are main and dipped, inners main only. But regardless of what any books say the bulb needs to be replaced like for like, just use the working side to determine which you need.
Paul Hunt

One of the bulbs on my ZS120+ expired recently. There was a time when bulbs could be relied on to outlive the life of the car.

I got a pair bulbs off Ebay at reasonable cost but, what a fiddly job to fit them. That wire retaining spring was extremely difficult to relocate. Similar arrangements on other MGs and Rovers I've had had much more positive bulb locations and easy to use retaining springs....

Couldn't agree more, MG John,
The bulb retaining springs are a bit of a puzzle. This is the second time I've changed the bulb. On both occasions I struggled to refasten the spring and after about five minutes it clicked into place. I think there is a knack to it. Access to the bulb holder isn't brilliant either.
As for the seemingly short bulb life, on purchasing a new bulb today the shop manager told me that there are a lot of Chinese manufactured bulbs on the market which dont last long due to gas leakage from the glass capsule. I got a phillips bulb this time around.


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