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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS headlights for the continent

Has anyone found out where to put the sticky tape on ZS headlights for driving on the right? I've looked in the owners manual, but can't see anything. Do MG-R expect us to stay wrapped up safe in the UK? I suppose I should ask the dealer; what are the chances they can help!
Steve Musgrave

I usually get the stickers from Halfords for about a fiver, which is a small price to pay when paying over 200 for a Eurostar ticket. They come with instructions for most cars, incl. R45 (not ZS though). If I recall correctly, there appears to be some markings on the headlights for the sickers and I just slapped on the halfords ones. Seemed to do the trick, even if they didn't fit perfectly.

Looking at the MG accessories book, there appears to be some official MG stickers for the F, but I can't find any for the Z cars. I wonder if MGR do stickers for the R45?
Alex Rogers

Any ZT owners with zeon headlamps can set the beam by pulling the rubber cover off the back of the lamp and pushing up or down a lever which switches the beam either way.

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