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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS Press Car Shocker! ;) [Y923 BJW]

Whilst driving over towards Solihull yesterday, I past one of the ZS Press cars (above Reg is right I think - it was 'BJW' as the last three, all the press cars seem to have this as the last 3 letters), anyway, as they eventually slowly passed me again when I turned off, they had obviously seen the rear of the car (got my website URL on it for those who don't know), they gave me a good look, so I waved back just to be met with a blank look and not a wave back. Almost had the "why are you waving at me" look on his face. Ok, if it was a journo fair enough, but he was there with a woman, so I thought it might have been someone from MGR who had borrowed the car for the day!

Still, even more of a reason to wave back - geez, don't these people know why MG drivers wave to each other?!! ;)

I wouldn't mind, but I passed about 4 MGFs that day, waved at them all and got none back. :(

*sob* noone waves at me anymore *sob*


Steve Childs

"I passed about 4 MGFs that day, waved at them all and got none back"

Surely you don't expect someone in a *proper* MG to acknowledge an arriviste, do you? ...
Paul Hunt

I waved at loads of MGs the other day and none of them waved back.. I suppose I should of been out in the midget and not my Mondeo! I do forget when I am in other cars.

Just My,
2 pence
2 pence

Paul, I was in my 'F at the time ;)

Steve Childs

Unfortunately, I feel the" waving" days have finished several years ago-except perhaps for MGBs and
older "pure" MG models (ie not Austin derivatives). Would you expect them to re-start for MGZ s ? I somehow doubt it.

Please Mr Hunt would you care to explain your remarks?

>Surely you don't expect someone in a *proper* MG to acknowledge an arriviste, do you? ... <

First - what is a proper MG?

Second - what is an arriviste?

Yes I know you were probably jesting (or at least I hope you were jesting) but I would still like to know the answers.

Ted Newman

The main problem is that the most of the drivers today don't appreciate the history behind MG and treat it just as a car, thus haven't got a clue why ppl waive at them.

They need educating ;)

Steve Childs


Back in the sixties the MGB was nicknamed (in the motor trade) the Austin Cambridge Convertible as like all MGs there is no such thing as a 'pure' MG.

Ted Newman

Sory folks, I have to agree, waving is dead. I drove passed the MG event at Kempton Park the other weekend and there were lots of Bs, GTs, Fs et al around and I was in the F top down and waved to everyone. Not one single sole coming / going to an MG event waved.

I have now abandoned the practice - an era ends.



PS One less thing to talk about on this board....

Before we completely bury the topic,why does not someone ask this question on the MGA
and the MG TF subject threads ? If they have stopped waving as well, then its truly finished !

Steve - R, I C.

Ted - certainly was jesting, as every new model since Abingdon had to start using the corporate bin has probably been regarded as 'not a proper MG' as your 'Cambridge Convertible' (which I hadn't heard before) indicates.

ar·ri·viste (a-re-vest)
A person who has recently attained high position or great power but not general acceptance or respect; an upstart.
[French, from arriver, to arrive.]

Dunno about other countries but snobbery, pecking-order and class seem to be alive and well in Blighty. While driving my CB roadster top down I can get a wave from most MGs (well, Abingdon ones, I gave up with Longbridge ones years ago) and many other classic marques. But in the RB factory V8 I am usually ignored by anything CB or earlier.

Paul Hunt

Andrew- another thing about purism- did MG (Morris Garages as I've been led to believe) ever have a "purity"? and even if they did, did it cease at Abingdon, or their previous factory? Also, are Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Jaguars, Bugattis etc any less genuine because they're owned by corporations and/or no longer manufactured at the original site/ use common parts with production cars? (Aston Martin and Bentley have used VAG light clusters etc.)???
On the waving front, I drive an MG Maestro and do wave, mostly the people who wave back are the F and midget owners, the occasional A driver does, but not BGTs... by far the most common MG round my way... the Z driver did, but hope that's because she fancied me ! ;-)
Will Moreton

If ever MG (not The Morris Garages, which was a seperate, retail, company) had purity it certainly wasn't from the beginning, which was badge-engineering Morris cars. The best that can be claimed was the few years between the start of designing their own cars from scratch and the closing down of their design office when Morris absorbed Wolseley and MG (hence MoWoG, which is another story) in 1927(?). When Abingdon did get a design office back many years later they were back to badge-engineering (50's and 60's) and required to use the corporate parts bin for everything except bodies. By the time the MGB came along they just did final assembly of engines and transmissions into fully trimmed bodies and rectification - arguably the most important job in car production (see another thread elsewhere). All of which counts for nothing since the marque has had a fiercely devoted following all the way through, including the Longbridge cars of the 80's. If that carries on with the Z-cars, then so much the better for MG.

Paul Hunt

When out in my F I often can't wave to other drivers as to take even one hand off the wheel at the speeds I drive at could be very dangerous, but I do flash my lights if not in too tight a bend!!!

Well thats how you shoud frive them isn't it?

>> Well thats how you shoud frive them isn't it? <<

Do hope you did mean drive and not fry them :p

Well, no-one flashes or waves up in Birmingham :(

You can't miss my car if you see it, esp. from behind, its got my website URL on it ;)

Steve Childs

Well maybe this is a Midget thing - but always get loads of waves in that (probably people waving to tell me that something else has fallen off.....)
Mark Frost

I really like your wonderfully modest comment Mark !
Let's say perhaps that they wave to show they are always ready to help if needed ?

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