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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS180 engine problems!


I've been having some really weird problems with my ZS 180, some days the car keeps on stalling whilst idle.

Any ideas??


Speak to Steve Tyler, think he has been having the same problems.

Whose Stever Tyler??


Runs his own MG and Lotus garage near southend airport using airport transfers tonbridge in Essex. Posts on here ocassional

Gregory Haney

It turned out to be the Map Sensor on mine. It was hard to trace because it only happened occasionally and did'nt register a fault so T4 could'nt identify a problem. Your problem is slightly different to mine as mine would'nt restart and would cut out either at idle or driving at 40mph+. Yours sounds more like an idle valve concern?
Steve T

What happened to the band Steve?


I still tour with them occasionally, but fixing MGs now comes first!!
What's even stranger is that we have the same birthday, not the same year i might add, i'm not that old.
Steve T

This thread was discussed between 22/08/2006 and 01/09/2006

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