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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZS180 - Where's The Oil Drain Plug?

Had a quick look under the engine of my ZS180 but couldn't make out where the engine drain plug was.
Can someone point me to where exactly the drain plug is please.
Also, anyone know how much engine oil the KV6 engine would require at a filter and oil change.

Is there a manual available for this car?

Thanks in advance.


Charles Goozee

Haynes does one for the whole ZS/45 range.

That says for six-cylinder engines it is on the back of the sump, it also says to remove the engine/transmission undershield 'where applicable' so maybe that applies to the 180, and shows the right-hand inner wing panel being removed but doesn't mention that in the text. I haven't had to change mine yet.

Owners handbook has the capacities on page 195 - 5.2 litres for an oil and filter.
Paul Hunt 2

Hi there.

While on the subject of oil changes - my ZT180 is just coming out of warranty and I will now be carrying out my own oil changes.

The main dealer which had been doing the annual checks I was told has been using a Castrol product which does not appear to be generally available to the public.

I thought that I would use Castrol Magnatec in future for the KV6.

What is the general opinion on the use of Magnatec in this application? (the car is mainly used on longish journeys with some city-legal speeds).The viscosity rating of 10W/40 is as per the handbook.

Any thoughts gratefully accepted.

Thanks to all

Magnatec is expensive. Its USP seems to be that it clings better to surfaces to give better lubrication on start-up. For a car that does more long journeys than short, especially if the changes are done on mileage rather than time, perhaps the extra cost wouldn't be worthwhile.
Paul Hunt 2

Thanks for your comment Paul.
The cost of Magnatec in NZ isn't too bad - cheaper of course than fully synthetic.
I was tending to be interested in any possible shortcomings in its performance that may have been experienced.
So far so good.



I have been running magnatec for the last 2 years running (about 40 000km) with no problems in our zt180.


Tim Edmonds ZT

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