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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT 190 tuning

I will soon be a proud owner of a silver ZT190 03 plate to add to my collection! Its great to drive but I want a bit more power. What quick mods have people done? ie exhaust, filter, chipping etc. Also has anyone supercharged their manual ZT190? If so what out put do you get and how much did it cost? I know Sprintex do a supercharger but I think Turbo Technics do too. I know I should have just bought a 260 but they seem to go for about 12k cheapest and I got this for half of that. And I wanted a British engine!
marc h

The 190 I gather responds well to all the usual tweakes to the induction system and exhaust - so a decent enclosed air filter, with an unimpeded cold air intake should release a few horses, and a decent exhaust a few more.

The exhaust manifold on the KV6 is particularly nasty I gather - and more power and torque can be released reasonably easily with a decent tubular manifold. But because we're talking V6 here, the manifolds tend to be a little expensive. I'd recommend talking to Dave at Powerspeed - he's done a fantastic job on my F's manifold and would be delighted to give the KV6 a go if this is a direction you're interested in taking things.

Interestingly, the KV6 heads are very similar to the heads used on the VVC - so pretty good straight out of the box. But probably like the VVC, the casting could be relieved around the valves to improve low valve opening airflow (like that seen on VVC 160 heads).

Piper (and Kent?) do cams for the KV6 - and would be worth chatting to.

Regarding supercharging - Sprintex are the guys with the "MG Rover" approved conversion; I don't know whether TT do one or not?

As ever, a question of how much money and time you want to invest!

Finally, might I commend you on such an excellent choice of car and particularly vintage! Our ZTT CDTi is also a 2003 ;o)
Rob Bell

many thanks Rob - time to visit the bank!
marc h

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