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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT 260 on its way!!

That does it!
this proves my madness!!!

I have just ordered a ZT260 in Solar Red with Chrome stripes and the more subtle Grid wheels. Everyone is very excited, it looks like a real road burner!

delivery 19th May

So if there's anybody out there who wants to become the proud owner of the famous Labrat! '95 214 SLi for a grand then you know where I am

Congrats Neil - you'll love it mate :-)

Scarlet Fever

I know SF just cant wait!!!!!

you have to run them in properly though
max 50mph for the first 500 miles!

Parp parp! said Mr. Toad ;o)

Congratulations Neil - can't wait to see the beast :o)
Rob Bell

Forgot to ask: a pre- or post-face lifted version Neil?
Rob Bell

post facelift (unfortunatley).
they have now had the time to iron out a few of the production probs they have had.
also I wanted a zero miler, to my bright red!

and some of the dealers have unrealistic ambitions about how much they can charge for the series 1 ZT260 ( oeer !)
thinking that it will go collectable as only 300 were made (daft really, but it probably will!)


There was a mention about the 'collectability' of the 'series 1' 260 in Autocar last week Neil...

>> I wanted a zero miler, to my bright red! <<

Almost surprised that you didn't go for the 'daddy wagon' version!
Rob Bell

Saw a ZT260 with the twin headlamps in an Exeter MG Rover dealer last weekend. I think it was X-Power Grey and they were asking 33K for a saloon.

Thought that was a bit steep for a now obsolete car that was listed as 29K for the lowest spec version.

They had other ZTs in the showroom with the new fronts. If I was buying I'd have to ask why it did not have a new front and try to get a discount.

I figured they would be pretty rare when I saw the facelifted version appear shortly after the launch of the V8 - surprised they have built as many as 300.
Matthew Semple

Yeah they say that the first ones are instant collectables, but we will see about that, it could be a bit of dealer hubris. It always goes this way though dealers trying to charge a premium.

Best plan is to go to the dealer, order the new one and haggle!! I didnt pay Trident a premium that is for sure, we just have to wait a bit!

I am ambivalent about the new facelift as I thought the original was very handsome. In fact stylistically I think the original Rover 75 is even better. The new one is a big mistake and looks cheap. But they do 75's in Midnight Blue which is a fabulous colour, nearly as good as the now defunct but sought after Primrose Yellow, which we were told would never sell on !!!

Proof that what the dealer thinks and what the market wants are two very different things.

I think that 33K ZT will prove 'tricky' to off-load somewhere.

"Hot Potato!"

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