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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT air filter

Hi had a look in the archives but cannot find any info on a performance replacement panel air filter for the ZT diesel {face lift 04 model).Anyone know if a bmw one would fit or if K&N etc produce one.
Thanks Kev.

I own an ITG filter for the ZT-T 190. I'd assume it's the same or similar.

I found a subtle but noticable difference.

Paul Nothard

I am not sure whether the diesel uses the same filter as the 190 - it may not, given the engine's different heritage. As an owner of a diesel as well, I'd be interested in an alternative filter too - so if you find anything, please do let me know! :o)
Rob Bell

Completely different filter, a monsterous great enclosed cone filter under the rear cover of the engine is what is attached to the Diesel engine. Damned expensive to replace too so alternative cleanable ones could have better marketting on the basis os cost saving.

Roger Parker

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