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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT CDTi pulls to the left

My ZT keeps pulling to the left.
Had alignment checked twice, fitted new tyres which helped a lot but it still pulls left.
What can I do?


Whilst rolling or braking?

I'll assume rolling as you mention steering alignment. It's a common misconception that pulling to one side when rolling freely on a flat and level surface is caused by incorrect tracking but it isn't. Adjusting the tracking merely controls how much the wheels toe in or out. Even if you only adjust one side, once you start rolling *both* wheels will be toeing further in or out than they were before because the steering is self-centering. You are of course supposed to adjust each side by an equal amount but that is to keep the steering wheel and rack centred.

Self-centering steering is achieved by the castor angle of the kingpins, just like on a motor bike or pedal bike has the fork shaft going through the frame bearings at an angle. Pulling to one side on a car is caused by the castor angle, or other steering and suspension geometry, being different between the sides. There is always a bit of variability in the positioning of the holes in the bodywork and the bolts in the holes, but it shouldn't cause much of a pull. Accident damage causing body distortion, or worn or damaged suspension, is the usual cause. Don't forget that the camber of roads when you drive on the left will make the car drift to the left if the wheel is released, but it shouldn't pull the wheel against your holding it.
Paul Hunt

Did you have a full tank of fuel when the alignment was done?
Ralph Gadsby

This thread was discussed between 05/01/2009 and 06/01/2009

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