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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT Diesel Reliability

Living in the US, we never got the late mode Z series MGs. They are now old enough that I can import one to the US for Personal Use and not have as much regulatory hassle getting it into the country. Before I embark on the search for a ZT-T CDTi I'd like to ask the question: Are these reliable cars that can be maintained by a knowledgeable person at home? I will add I was a factory trained mechanic for MGBs back in the 70's and still have a ZA Magnette, MGC-GT, MGB-GT and an MGB-GT V8 conversion. Finally, any tips on finding an LHD ZT-T CDTi in good condition?
John Perkins

There are several known weak points to the diesel Rover 75/MG ZT.

1) fuel pumps. The system uses 3 fuel pumps: in-tank, lifter and high pressure. The in-tank fuel pump seems to be quite prone to failure. Once it has failed the lifter pump then has to do all the work, so this will also fail if the in-tank pump isn't replaced quickly. The high pressure pump is driven by the timing chain, and seems to be quite reliable.

2) MAF sensor. The standard Bosch MAF sensor on the car seems to be quite marginal. This sensor is not currently available separately from XPart (the official parts distributor), so you have to buy the complete MAF unit. Our experience is that after market MAF sensors do not work correctly. Quite a few people have replaced the standard MAF with a Pierburgh alternative, which is much more reliable.

3) PCV. the BMW M47R engine fitted to these cars have a filter in the PCV which can become clogged. If they become completely blocked then that is almost certainly the end of the engine. There is a replacement PCV which does not have a filter in it which we advise our customers to have fitted.
Ralph Gadsby

We've got a 2003 ZTT CDTi, which we've now owned for around 5 years. Other than running out of fuel (the fuel gauge inexplicibly became stuck during cold weather at 1/4 full - and has never occurred again), it has been absolutely problem free - but for usual servicing needs (although the intercooler pipes had corroded through, and needed replacing at the last service).

I reckon you can buy with confidence, and with a BMW engine, getting hold of engine service parts should not be too difficult I'd have thought? (PS engine also shared with the Land Rover Freelander TD4).
Rob Bell

You only have to look on Ebay to see that many of them have now done 100k+ miles. The hard part is finding a low mileage one - even harder with the estate version.

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