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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT DNA - a Marketing Person's hallucination

I am appaled to read in the latest Safety fast, of part of the description of the (new) ZT models " ... Exterior design summary - The new ZT design captures a fresh spirit of style, perpetuating a lineage that can be traced from legendary MGs to the latest MG XPower SV super coupe. The stylish, integrated and more prominent MG grille is clearly DNA linked".

It is?

My 1954 TF grill is not DNA'd in this latest MG iteration. Some marketing person's imagination out of control. Now imagine if Cecil Kimber had designed the grill? And probably on a paper serviette at the local pub, and wet from a hen or two.

Produce it like this - 'way to go Cec!! 10 days later, it was being produced!

It wouldn't be difficult to introduce a little heriditary character into the X and Z ranges. Problem is - nobody has the guts to do it.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

do I take it you haven't seen one in the flesh and driven one ?
David S

Sorry David but I am with Gordon on this. This is just meaningless and rather irritating “marketing speak” that is appears Safety Fast has merely transcribed. From my recollections of reading this rag it is surely not something they would have thought up themselves!

The analogy also does not bear close scrutiny and must have been written by some Media Studies graduate with zero knowledge of science! The latest theory is that there is so little diversity in the human DNA that we may all have sprung from a very few people in Africa around 150,000 years ago – so perhaps all they are saying is the ZT is related to every other car on the road.

Now if I was writing the copy it would be “the ZT, the bastard son on the Rover 75” – much more punchy and also true!



>> Now if I was writing the copy it would be “the ZT, the bastard son on the Rover 75” – much more punchy and also true! <<

Or perhaps the bastard love child of a Rover 75 and a Ford Mustang?

Been sniffing too much petrol...
Rob Bell

Yep, i feel the same.

Last modern MG to have an MG grille was the F AFAIC, the F grille is reminiscent of the rubber bumpered MGBs of the 1970s - good or bad, there is at least some tie in with the lineage. The F also had a brown and cream logo mounted on a shield, a la T-Type (although the F's one is plastic).

Mk1 Zed cars had grilles which are clearly based on the Rover starting point for the design. This is largely excusable as the Zed grilles, although different, was at least similar to the F - if you stretched an F grille vertically then you could get close to a Zed grille. Zed grilles have therefore little link to the marque heritage.

It all went pear shaped with the TF. The TF has a 'new look' grille complete with horizontal spar. This is a fist for MG AFAIA and a break with tradition. On the Zed cars it is at best reminiscent of a Mk1 Chrysler Voyager people carrier.

Still, who are we to judge MGRs board in this regard? If they want to slap a new corporate image onto the marque then as custodians / owners they can.

Scarlet Fever

David S:-

I don't see what driving one has to do with the sacrilage I have witnessed in Safety Fast.

I had no intention of denegrating what must be a good car. (Over here, we can buy a Mustang V8 all gussied-up for about $25,000 Cdn or abt. £11,000.) - same engine, drive train and platform. So I'm sure it goes like hell and probably handles OK, too.

My complaint as an owner-from-new of an 1954 MG TF and several other early MGs of character, is that the copy writers of this latest trash have no idea what they are doing to a famous marque. And I'll bet a new farthing, they've never had the pleasure of a summer afternoon's drive with the windscreen down, in the Cotswolds or Pennines in a REAL MG.

I'm sure it would shape their thinking.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

There's more lineage in the Zed badge than an MG B - the cream and brown on the new MGs is more correct than the A or B or midget badges!
Martin ZT


Could not help but jump in. No to David in Berks, I have not seen one in the flesh, but MG, et al, (rover triumph etc.)shoved the sword in the belly with the Triumph 7, they haven't built a car since the B.

Yes, I have driven MY TD MKII through the Costswolds and then up Prescott Hill and from Lands End to John O'Groats. Not bad for two old bastards.

See you in September Gord. Get the Hen on ice.

Safety Fast


Talking of DNA, seen today's Dilbert cartoon?

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