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Can anyone confirm if a "commercal" version of the ZT-T is available in the UK - ie, fixed panels at the rear instead of glass and slightly higher roof - no back seats???. Just the trick for carting mg spares about.
Tony Slattery

Don't give them ideas!! The ZR van is bad enough!!!


Not seen one - there is a van based on the smaller ZR car but I think that is all.

Ted Newman

Bugger - the ZR isn't sold here in OZ - have to settle for a ZT-T then.
Tony Slattery

I think there is a ZR van.
Avvid Merrion

Just in case no one else has mentioned it, there is a ZR van :)

I believe that the ZR merely has no rear windows, i.e. the roof line has not been raised.


The MG Express (or Rover Commercial) is based on the ZR or 25, but has a strengthened bulkhead behind the front seats for load restraint (and, one assumes to avoid people adding rear seats to avoid paying purchase tax).
A lot of the MG R dealers are now using these which is a whole better than the other makes they were using!
Be warned that the ZT-T has an internal spare wheel well so for your conditions it might be hard to get to with a full load in the back. Also, make sure you can get a full size spare in the wheel well. UK ZTs come with a space saver, or at best, a can of tyre inflator. The standard 225 alloy is too big for the wheel well depth.

Martin, my ZT came with a full-size alloy spare (cost option), which fits into the boot no problem. I believe the boot/wheel well were slightly redesigned a while ago to accomodate this. Can't speak for the ZT-T, however.



Boot never redesigned (only for the RWD ZT):-) Was a cost saving measure. R75 had a spare wheel, ZT didn't - since added and no intrusion into the Boot.

ZR Express launched along qith the R25 version a while ago. R25 version called CDV.

Jerry Flint

CDV= Curry Delivery Vehicle?

Or would that be reserved for a Cityrover van?
A.N. Onymous

Perhaps MGR could be prevailed upon to make a ZT Ute in the style of the Aussie Landcrab Ute.

With a 4.6 litre V8...
JH GIllson

I passed a ZT-T that had its rear windows blacked out and was used by a flooring company based in Swanley. This car still had the rear seats and doors.

I guess you, Tony, could get a ZT-T converted into a van. It would be unique.


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