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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT V8 auto ?

Hi All,

I know there is an automatic version of the V8 Rover but is there also an automatic MG-ZT ?

Seems quite likely as there are also SV with an autobox.

Anybody ?

There is the MG-ZT 180+ although this is a V6 not V8

AFAIK the ZT260 did not come in an Auto version.


A ZT260 Auto IS the Rover V8 only 50 were made
If you find one snaffle it up!


Yep, there is one Rover V 8 automatic for sale in Holland. Big price at 51000 Euro. It does not have the looks of an MG. I find it even ugly !!

There are at least two ZT 260 V8 auto's because they are here in Australia. We only received 12 MG 260 sedans before the collapse. One (manual) has been written-off in an accident already.
We did not receive and Rover V8s.
Regards, Bob.
R Somerville

Thanks for that good news Bob !!

A local dealer was quite sure that the V8 automatic was never available. On the other hand I believed firmly that I have seen some in the past.

Problem is how to find one and in left hand drive as well.

Manual V8's as not all that expensive at the moment. There is one at Ebay for sale (buy it now) for 10.000 GBP. A give away !!!!!!!!

Regards, Bas

Complete Bargain


>Problem is how to find one and in left hand drive as well.

Brown & Gammons (mg specialist - Baldock, Herts.) had 2 x V8 Rover 75's at Silverstone earlier this year. One was LHD.

M Woods

I would be careful about buying anything from B&G.
They sold SF a high miles ZT260 and basically hung him out to dry with the problems the car came with. Clutch and Gearbox.

Rover V8 is not and will not become a MG ZT V8

Bas, there is no ZT V8 Auto LHD only two as said before in Australia as RHD, and not true ZT V8s as they do not have the dynamic set up the manual have. the ZT V8 has a fifth shock sitting just off the diff, the R75 & ZT V8 auto's do not. :)
My lord V8

I was recently at B& and saw the Damask red Rover V8. A bargain price, but it appears to be a pre-production car.


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