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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT V8's what's the latest ?

hey guys!

what's the latest on the v8's
like how much
when and how do I get to drive one?


Am surprised that UK resident experts have not yet replied to your question Neil.
According to the magazines,the ZT 280 is due to arrive in France end of March-so presumably earlier in the UK. However its pricing will be tricky as the 265 HP Subaru STI is being launched here at £23K (equivalent) and the ZT 190 is at £21 K.Hence would estimate ZT 280 at no more than £25K and a small reduction in the190 price if it is to be able to co-exist.

It sounds like a great bargain at £25g's how the car industry has changed over the last 2 years!! anybody else know anything?

My estimate of £ 25K was in the French market Neil......but as UK prices are usually higher......

I think it may be closer to £30k as the ZT385 is expected to be close to £40K.
Mark A

You may be right for the UK Mark, but that will be too much for the continental markets.And what price for the X80 ??

My other concern is "How big is the UK market for cars of £30K plus?"Perhaps 100,000 units ? If so,can MGR capture at least 10,000 of these (including ZT 260,385 and X80 )?
Anyone comment on these figures ?

Hearing whispers of there will be something MG worth viewing at the Geneva Motor Show, (early March) I can't think of anything being more likley than perhaps the ZT 260. The only other thought would be a future view of the 'Ultimate' mgtf, which is another subject and not available for a while longer.

Roger Parker

... or a finalized X80 (MG TG anyone?), including the interior?


As the X 80 is apparently only a code name,what will it eventually be called ?
An MG Q (for Qvale) ? Let's have your suggestions !
andrew K

I would vote for calling it the MG Mangusta. The name didnít change when Qvale took it over from DeTomaso so it doesnít need to change now, besides it sounds exotic.

Considering MG just changed the F to TF, they probably will call the X80 a TD and the X70 a TC and the X71 a TC GT.
George Champion

A champion suggestion George-
"ManGusta": there is MG and a lot of Gusto there Man !

The Mangusta idea is quite clever. It has the letters "m" and "g" in it, in the proper sequence and has the added benefit of getting the DeTomaso family's knickers in a twist.

Here's an idea about the Geneva intro Roger mentioned - how about the convertible X80 (name revaled, too)? Which would imply an interior.
John Z

>>>or a finalized X80<<<

I don't think so.

Roger Parker

How about 'Magna'? A little bit like 'Mangusta' but also acknowledging MG history.

Looks as though the ZT385 will be launched MUCH later in the year - MGR website incorrect! See

X80 anybodys guess!
Rock & A Hardplace

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