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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT260 in Safety Fast

Did you see the great article about someone sprinting an MG ZT 260 saloon. He seemed so pleased with his car MGR should put a copy in their brochure!

Have to say I saw the car in action at Curborough in August and he made it look easy.

Now how do I get my wife to let me have the money!!!!!!!

David Witham

Just invent a cock and bull story and go and get yourself into serious financial hock. I did, and I am glad to!

The cars are cheap and truly truly fantastic!

You will never regret it


The V8 cars may be cheap, but with a serious thirst for fuel, and a 5k service interval, they need to be! I find it bad enough running a 160 V6! Tyres alone are horrendous every 25k miles, then the brakes/discs (for which I am extremely grateful for their performance) aren't cheap either.

But then, a permanent grin on my face even after 59k miles and 30mths was never going to be cheap! Having said that, as much as I would like to trade up to a ZT V8, I don't think I could afford it! There's two for sale privately in the MGOC mag this month - I wonder why?

Oh well..............
Martin ZT

>a 5k service interval

Are you/they serious? At that rate I'd be having a service just about every month! I thought 5k service intervals went out with the death of the MGB...


Ford insist on an oil change every 5k miles! Unbelieveable, but that's the American way!
Martin ZT

An oil change every 5000k
silly but not impossible

yeah they have a drink problem, I average about 19-20mpg but I clog my V8 everywhere!
and the tyres and brakes I am sure are being devoured with equal gusto. These are not difficult things to sort and well within the scope of even the most basic DIYer, a quick trip to and see you right.

Yeah it's a liability but every car is....and I'm loving it!


Wish I could afford the V8 liability! Unfortunately in South Africa the ZT V8 is overpriced relative to earnings in this country. That said, I do love my ZT160 1.8T. I can't believe your tire usage though Martin - I have done 50,000km (31,000 miles) on my Continentals, and appear to be on track for about 50,000 miles. Brakes OK, but had to replace the front disks after they warped, apparently due to excessive heat when braking from 200+kph at the freeway exits. It doesn't seem to have happened again though, despite my enthusiatic driving style...
MP Tippins

Does all this suggest that the V8 385 will be shelved-or is there not enough money to launch it?

you know, I really do think '20mpg if you clog it' is actually very good :-) After all I'm only getting around 26mpg from the ZS180
David S

On average 22-25k miles on the Michelin Pilots which were standard fit two years ago (same sizes, though). I know some people that get 10-15k miles!

We have a plethora of roundabouts and who wouldn't use the throttle accordingly when exiting! In addition the V6 carries more weight up front so this is a handicap. Add to this the braking in heavier traffic conditions followed up by acceleration, and then lots of country roads to enjoy ....... Don't be surprised if your rears wear out before the fronts, and often the tyres look ok, but then seem to exponentially wear out during the last 5k miles.

The 160 (both V6 and 1.8T) and 120, and the CDTi use the 75 brake discs, but the 190 and the V8 use bigger brake discs, and at the 49k miles service, I needed new pads all round and new rear discs. That was an additonal 200!

David, I often get 20-26mpg in normal use but of late I have tried Lane 1 at 60-65mph, which is surprisingly relaxing in the ZT, and the upshot is 35-40mpg! In addition, my service indicator now seems to be heading towards the 15-16k miles mark rather than the usual 12k miles! And the saving in potential speed fines is also useful!

Martin ZT

Just bear in mind that I often get healthy doses of wheelspin and oversteer

so yeah perhaps 19mpg isnt too bad

and when we say clogging it I do mean "let's hear the music baby!" type acceleration that hammers most other cars on the road. 6.2 is pretty ok!


Anyone done an LPG conversion on a ZT V8? I ask because my m,ajor bug berar with the car is the fuel consumption and the (lack of) range from the tank.

An LPG conversion could solve both of these - a second tank will extend the range and LPG being significantly cheaper than unleaded, the fuel costs become more manageable. Furthermore, the petrol tank could be used like a reserve to get you to the next LPG station - they are still few and far between in my experience.

Scarlet Fever

I would think there is no room for a LPG tank. As it is the V8 gives up the spare wheel to make room for the fuel tank IIRC. You would certainly lose boot space with LPG.

Martin ZT

Talking of fuel consumption, I've just got back from Brands Hatch. A back of an enelope calculation shows that I got 13.5MPG in my ZS180. Not quite as bad as Donington!

No idea what fuel consumption the ZTT 260 that was there was getting - bet it was than mine!


Spare wheel space is taken up with transmission, ECU, Battery and CD changer.

Great idea LPG - but no where to put the tank. Plus Harmon Kardon reduces boot space as it is.

The V6 R75 and ZT are the best cars MG make and are worthy competition to the German invasion. Not so the V8.

Jerry Flint

If so,why was money spent developing the 260?
(potential US import?)

LPG on the V8 - yes no problem I have had both a ZS180 and My ZTT190 changed, rover supply the kits via a co in Bidford on Avon in Warks, (01798 490011 daryl) (I have no connection with the company.) they convert the cars for the dealer network before delivery. I dont think the V8 is on the powershift regester, the ZTT 190 was last year when mine was converted. The tank fits behind the seat and is i think a 90 ltr tank giving about 80 ish lts of gas, based on mine which has 67lts i get about 220 miles range at 35p a ltr, its the only way to go if you do over 30kpa and want the MG roar i would love one.


Chalkes of Mere have a Starlight Silver ZTT260 at 23k Andrew - and they are apparently able to off an LPG conversion for it :o) I'd be sorely tempted, but have already got the nicely economical CDTi... ;o)
Rob Bell

and if the LPG conversion is acceptable to Ken Livinstone then no congestion charge either.
Ted Newman

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