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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT260 on Top Gear

Well next Sunday 6th June BBC2 8pm a date to remember. Not only the Anniversary of D Day but The new ZT260 will be getting a hammering from the Curly haired yob himself!

Top Gear will be testing the car.

The car they will be driving will be red...dangerously close to the colour of my one...if it ever arrives. The wife recons it IS my one and that's why it's late!!!!

I just hope he doesnt hate it!
The one I tested, not as vigourously as they do mind! was pretty damn good!



Why so many posts?

Have you bought a ZT260 yet?
George Hunt

Yeah and it's late, but I will also be writing a running report for Total MG.... there just isnt many posts by anybody else with a Z car

I'm told by those who should know that he enjoyed it on the circuit - let's see what he says in the studio...
Ann MG Writer

Well he would do, wouldn't he?

It's a fat-arsed, gas-guzzling V8 thingamy innit?

He's sure to like it.

I'll wait for his verdict with baited breath.....

Last week they had it in the studio and he said "next we I drive this new Rover"

Does he confuse VWs and Audis - I think not!
Matthew Semple

Well, actually yes he does. In this week's ST Motoring section he has a bit about some new Audi A8. He starts the article by suggesting that estate agents should include the owner's car in any photograph of a house they are trying to visit s this would stop you wasting time on visiting some houses.

As an exapmle he suggests that if the house has a Boxter, you would not want to visit as it would only be owned by a bachelor and the house would be emply save a large plasma telly and an electric leather armchair.

He concludes the article that fairly well rubbishs the car by saying "you might not want to part a big VW outside your house".
Patrick Beet

>>>Does he confuse VWs and Audis - I think not! <<<

Why not ... I do .... easily done.... lots of 'gerry badge engineering' in recent years. I thought a Seat was some thing you sat on ...;-)

John McFeely

Well I picked up my bright red ZT260 on Saturday
and everybody who has seen it thinks it's fabulous.
Every other test report on the car praises it.

So why does Clarkson insist on a predictable session of MGR bashng again?

Anyhow how can it be that somebody with obviously as much style as Clarkson should be dictating what is cool and what isnt?

Let's face it he hasnt a clue!

I'm not sure how much notice I would take from people who rate the Street Ka as sub-zero for coolness. They do think that the TT and M3 are pretty uncool though and I don't think that MG or Rover appear on any list.
Dan Smithers

>Street Ka as sub-zero for coolness..

Yes says it all doesnt it!

Top Gear ceased to be a serious motoring programme a long long time ago. Now it's purely Sunday night entertainment. Don't take it too much to heart.
David Clelland

It won't be JC that kills the sales of the V8 ZT - it will be OPEC and Tone's Taxes!
Martin ZT

it's fine if they kill it off

Mine will become an instant classic

Yeah Tone's Taxes!!

I filled a friends tank with petrol in Venezuela about this time last year. Cost? just over 50p! that's for the tankfull!!!

So there you are then (in Top Gear Mode) just drive to South America and fill your car up for 50p the ferry will only cost you about GBP 750.00!

Ted Newman

I agree that the overall presentation was negative and disparaging. This swamped the good many good remarks. The final bit of sticking the lap time down the bottom of the table definitely gave the impression that it was not really any good. I confess I was also left disappointed. It was only reading the actual table as highlighted by this board that I realised what a stonking performance it delivered.

However I also think that MGR has REALLY pissed off TG. The presenters made some disparaging remarks about the Directors and suspect this was yet another allusion to the Directors helping themselves to the cash in the business rather than actually helping the business. (It should be noted that after all the fuss about the pension, the greedy little sods have been helping themselves yet again – do they know anything about PR?).

Perhaps the Directors should be attempting to influence TG with their plucky British underdog spirit rather than merely attending to the health of their personal bank accounts……

Looking on the bright side, I suspect the Directors of Vauxhall, Ford (Japanese Division) and BMW were far more pissed off with TG last night than MGR. The message about the 5 Series coupe was surely very dismissive – the cabin was nice and the rest rubbish…..



PS Anybody else notice thast MG seem to launch their V8s in a petrol crisis - is this cause or effect?

>> PS Anybody else notice thast MG seem to launch their V8s in a petrol crisis - is this cause or effect? <<

"Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony" - erm, that quote from the character, Morpheus, in the 1999 Warner Brothers' film, the Matrix.

You're right Patrick. An MG V8 has been launched: must be about time for a fuel crisis then!
Rob Bell

Neil - will you be able to bring your new ZT260 to MG Saloon Day in Coventry on 4th July?

I am sure everyone would love to see it.
Matthew Semple

For sale in Bristol at an MG Rover dealer called Clist & Rattle:

MG ZT 260 4.6 LITRE V8 , 4 Doors, Manual 5 speed, Saloon, Petrol, 2003 53 Reg , 4,000 miles, X POWER GREY Metallic. Air-Conditioning, CD Radio, Front Fog Lights, Leather steering wheel, Side Air Bags, Twin Air Bags, Electric Front Windows, Power-Assisted Steering, Remote Central Locking Alarm Immobiliser, ABS, Alloy wheels, Electric windows, Park distance control, Tinted glass. Halogen projector headlamps,Alcantara seats.PLEASE CALL TO DETERMINE THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOSEN VEHICLE REF U09516. Mileages, written or verbally communicated MUST NOT be relied upon as accurate. 25,995


Matthew Semple


yeah I would love to come to Coventry on the 4th...but it's the Mother-in-law's birthday

I dont suppose she would want to come along as well, would she?

The Grey ZT260 is a 2003 model year which is supposed to becoming a collectable as only 300 or so were built the ZT-T version is very rare. Price is good, but there's absolutely nothing like buying one to your own spec and running it in (still doing this) I know that this car has only been driven by me and not thrashed for 4000 miles. AND I bloody LOVE IT! never had such a great motor and I've had plenty

£26k for the best Q-car of the decade? That's stunning value. Unfortunately, it remains comfortably outside of budget for this enthusiast - and it's a four door saloon :o(

Oh well - if there are any estates knocking around in a couple of years time, maybe they'll be in range for me then ;o)

Neil - Mum in law would obviously much rather spend time looking at MG saloons than having a party at home with family and friends ;o) LOL
Rob Bell

Naa Rob Granny would enjoy far more a long walk on a short pier ...the west pier in Brighton would appear absolutely ideal! and you are making an assumption about friends!

I am not so sure that the 260 comes over as Q car very much (particularly in solar red) everybody at work knows it's a rocket ship. The reputation of the bus has already been determined by this list of figures...

come over some time and have a butchers, only 300 miles to go until it's run in!!!


>> ...the west pier in Brighton would appear absolutely ideal! <<

But only when it is on fire? ;o)

Must see the wee red beastie soon!
Rob Bell

I have a cunning plan...

Tell your mother-in-law that you are taking her on a day out for her birthday. Drive up to Coventry and let her look at the stately home at Coombe Park and take a walk round the lake where she can look at the breeding cormorants whilst eating a 99 Flake.

In the meantime you can park up in the field and chat to fellow enthusiasts about MG Saloons whilst everyone admires the ZT260!
Matthew Semple

I have posted up some pictures of the ZT260 on Top Gear - just in case you missed it:
Matthew Semple

Nice one Matthew :o)
Rob Bell

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