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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZT260's going cheap as chips

Check out New ZT260's on;jsessionid=355ZF0ONZWTH1QFIJAFSFFI?_requestid=20383

Bargain of the decade!!

So no excuses now!!!

....OK spot the deliberate mistake

try this instead!!!

Cheap As Chips;jsessionid=355ZF0ONZWTH1QFIJAFSFFI?_requestid=20675

Not such a bargain - they have the list price as £.00. So, everyone contact MG for their free ZT260!

What is the list price for the ZT 260?




Watch the link, folks. It seams to go to a different vehicle each time!

Crikey - ZTT260 is going for £23,121.30 on JamJar! Stunning value. Obviously not an SE model though... ah, found the SE: it's £27,794...
Rob Bell


Try demos on Listed at £24k (260 SE's). Get the thing bought - please..........
Jerry Flint

Yeah these are the 2003 model. Hardly any were made and I have heard that they are regarded immediately as a rare classic!

Neil don't look all that good value compared to jamjar Jerry - looking at the other examples, you could get a brand new car for the same price (or less) for the price being charged for an ex-demo from tins... :o(

All useful fodder for me though, before engaging in price negotiations!

(Still undecided between the diesel and the 190: practicality versus high-thirst fun)
Rob Bell

According to Autotrader SMC are now showing that they have a 2004 53-plate 260SE for £22,995. Thing is, it has done 28,000 miles already!


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< don't look all that good value compared to jamjar Jerry - looking at the other examples, you could get a brand new car for the same price (or less) for the price being charged for an ex-demo from tins... :o>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The demos with no miles are 260SE cars for £24k from TINS!! Theres one registered with 10 miles in May for £25k.

For demo read pre-registered. You will have to explain what you guys believe is "good" value. These cars are new and are already discounted 33%.

From TINS:
2004 MG ZT 260 Se Delivery Mileage 4600 Copperleaf Red 23995.00
2004 MG ZT 260 Se 2500 Miles 4600 Chagall 23999.00
2004 MG ZT 260 Se Delivery Mileage Other 4600 Starlight Silver 24995.00
2004 MG ZT 260 SE Delivery Mileage Other 4600 Starlight Silver 24995.00
2004 MG ZT 04MY + 135 CDTi Saloon Delivery Mileage Diesel 2000 X Power Grey 25287.00


Every individual has a different, and valid, idea as to what represents good value to him or her. For me, good value is a vehicle that gives me what I want at a price I can afford.

List price for a SE-Spec 260 is £34k
A brand new SE-spec 260 from Jamjar is £28k.
An Ex-demo SE-spec 260 is £25k.
My maximum budget is £22k.

Close, but no cigar.

Maybe in a few months time...


Jerry, I agree with you that the 260s on this site are stonking good value - but the 190s and 135CDTis are less so (or so it appears?)
Rob Bell

20 mpg!!!!!!!

and not even run in yet!!!

target mpg 24 which is the same as the wife's Fiat!

SO forget all those stories about terrible mpg

Get a life, get out your wallets and go to the V8 shop



As good as 20mpg??????

You're not driving it properly! ;-P

Wait till I've run it in! only another 90 miles to go!

I just took another bloke I work with for a spin in it, who is looking for a car with a bit of character...
he loved it !!


One closer to adrian's budget below c/o

2004 53 Reg MG ZT 4.6 V8 260 SE
4 Doors, Manual 5 speed, Saloon, Petrol, 2,800 miles, Ravern Black. Hi Line Sat Nav Inc TV, Leather steering wheel, CD Autochanger, 18" light alloy wheels, ABS + EBD, boardcomputer, Remote Alarm Linked to Central Locking, chair heating, climate control, Drivers Intelligence Pack, Dual Airbags, Electric Windows x 4, Electric Front Seats, Front fog lamps, Full Leather Interior, mirrors electric, parking sensor, power steering, Rear Head Rests, Radio Stereo, xenon lights, As New Delivery Mileage, Quad tailpipes (2 Sets of Twin pipes). 0-60mph 6.2sec, Top speed off 155mph Superb V8 Performance. SMC-The UK's largest MG Rover Dealer group. With over 500 approved MG and Rover cars in stock today. All Vehicles come with the balance of 3 yrs manufactures warranty or 1 yr Rover approved warranty. Low finance rates available. Excellent prices paid for part exchanges. 22,990.
SMC MG Rover
John Thomas

I think that's the one then Adrian

Go on I dare you!


Errrr, got some bad news for you Neil :-(

Go on you can get them for £18,000


Not that I know of.

Remember the thread about insurance on the ZT260? At the time I was being quoted very reasonable prices. Well, having arrnaged to test that very same black 260SE I decided that I would double-check the insurance quote. "No Chance" was the reply "We wouldn't insure you on that car, Sir". Didn't seem to matter that I'm infinitely old with infinite protected no-claims they just refused. Similar story from others when I rung around.

So, I bought the S-Type - pick it up tomorrow morning. Only 240bhp vs 260bhp but just £50 more on the insurance.


That's a pitty Adrian. The new post-face lift S-type is meant to be a mighty fine car. Still not sure about the overall look of it though - but a darn sight better looking than the BMW 5-series!
Rob Bell

Does anyone have any experience of the ZT-T 260? How does it compare to a 190+ (my current car)? How does the spec of a plus spec 190 compare to a normal (i.e. not an SE spec) 260?


Here's 2 boards on the XPower site devoted to ZT and ZT V8

My summary of the 260 board is that when you are not waiting for spares the 260 is great, but maybe keep the 190 at the moment.

M Parris

My Insurance for the ZT 260 is £600 p.a! And that is for Category 1 Business use through the Halifax Building society.

For me though I share Clarkson's opinion of the styling of the S type, and didnt even consider it.

but I did consider an old Aston


Tis a funny old game; insurance.

I don't agree with Clarkson on the styling but each to his own. I thought that you disagreed with everything Clarkson said, and his teeth, so that you would have loved the S-Type :-)

I will agree that colour and spec is important to an S-Type. I'm not a fan of the chromed SE versions nor do I favour the lighter colours but I do think mine looks good in zero-chrome all-black finish. I'll try and get some pics organised anyway and maybe you will change your mind.

As for old Astons, don't get me started....or at least start a new thread :-)

Yeah Black's OK saw one in my rear view mirror this morning.

JC is a bit of a "Goit" as Red Dwaft would describe him but he is right on some things, and I am right on all the rest!!

I prefered the 75 over the S Type right from the word go


Ref: MG-ZT-T 260 ive got the price list in front of me and it would cost 21567 pounds and 25139 pounds for the SE model. Ive ordered one (by the way this is a 2004 model). This is a milítary/diplomatic sale so it just goes to show how much profit there making in uk if they can sell me one this price and still make a profit, then take off the price difference between the ZT-Tand the ZT ?

By the way i think they have ruined the front,to BMW ?
will be sad to see the ZTT190+ to go
nick bracey

>Ive ordered one (by the way this is a 2004 model).
You are going to love it sooo much!!

Utterly awesome! you wont miss your 190 much however good it was to you.

I got 24.75mpg out of the 260 yesterday on a long and congested trip to Burton on Trent! I wasnt hanging about, just driving sensibly ( boss in car!) So it could go higher!


24 mpg - never achieved that. Always 19ish - just done 6000 miles.

Have the XPower exhausts which sound awesome.

Jerry Flint

IIRC Diplomatic sales don't carry VAT? Add VAT to your prices and you get £25,341 and £29,538. Both more expensive than Jamjar?

My 2003 SE in January cost £25k with Harmon Kardon/towbar and paint.

Not bad and it goes and sounds like McQueens Stang in Bullit.
Jerry Flint

>> My 2003 SE in January cost £25k with Harmon Kardon/towbar and paint. <<

You got paint Jerry? Luxury!

When aye were young, yous woz lucky ta get four wheels! Te windows were extra!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll get me coat...
Rob Bell

Aye you were looky!

I got the dash colour coded and it looks just stunning!!

Sounds like Steve McQueen in bullet...hmmm
But I have a cunning plan...welcome Mr Cheeseman!


Just ordered a 260se from a main dealer armed with the above info - 20% discount no PVS no p/ex!! Took 4.5 hours but well worth it!


Adrian surrey, I dont pay tax either so its still cheaper mate !
nick bracey

that's 4 of us then

keep going guys!!!


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