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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZTT clutch problem


Ok, so it'll be covered and fixed FOC, but I want to understand so that the wool cannot be pulled over my eyes here.

Clutch went limp. Fluid loss. Loss was under the engine - thus not the master cylinder which is under the dash.
As far as I can tell the clutch slave cylinder is 'in' the gearbox?

Any ideas where the fluid loss could be?
If it's the connection to the slave - and assuming it *is* in the gearbox bell - will the 'box need to be removed to fix it?

How long should this take a dealer?

Any top tips will be much appreciated.


ps. ZTT190. Failed within hours of picking the car up. :-( Fab car when the clutch works.
Paul Nothard

the ONLY car I've ever seen where the master cyl was inside the car is the Morris Minor 1000. Usually it's in the engine bay so it could be the source of your failure.
David S

Suggest you reject the car! Hours after picking it up new???



Job does involve the removal of gearbox. :-(

Car getting shipped by the AA to home dealer.

May or may not go down the reject route. Car is fab appart from this problem - which will most probably be a simple simple problem.

Updates as they happen...

Paul Nothard

Reject it and ask for another. The next one will be 2004 registered.


But is this the first of many faults to happen?

Be real, reject the car.

REJECT! If you don't, any further fault, big or small, will make you wish you had.

Newcastle United rather have points problems.


Bo Selecta!

Tony, what are you talking about?

Don't lets clutch at straws,
Newcastle United badly need points to secure fourth place in the Premier league.

I guess I'll have to take your word for it. I couldn't care less. I find few things more unutterably tedious than football.


>>>>I find few things more unutterably tedious than football.
===apart from non-member trolls I trust ;-)
David S

At least decent rugby players come from your part of the world, Semaster! Maybe trolls, too? LOL
Martin ZT

Oh my god....this poor guy over on .org is having a ball with his Dealer over his HGF'd ZR.

The Dealer said to him "After sales manager in Perth today gave me one piece of advice after they said they would now recover the car today for me.

You know what he said -

Dont buy another MG Rover!

And frankly i wont be after this unless they pull something magic out of the hat. I mean for goodness sake, the only person to speak to at Longbridge until the 5th of January is a security guard!



OH DEAR Indeed! Boy is the memberless Eric some kind of stressed out True to form ....What an ever cheeful chappie! Like some anonymous BBS Vulture ever watchful and hovering over the misfortunes of others.

Any road up..... Happy New Year to you Eric and perleeeese, start the new year with a resolution...... For Crissakes resolve to CHEER UP!!!!! You miserable GTi ...;-)

And.... here's the really believable bit of his post:

>>Dont buy another MG Rover! And frankly i wont be after this unless they pull something magic out of the hat.<<

"And frankly I wont...." Who you trying to kid? You'll never ever buy one as long as you've got a hole in your hose!

Happy New Year everyone, and I do genuinely include Eric ......

.... and Paul, Bad Luck, from what you describe, should not be a big deal to fix some hydraulic clutch mechanism problem if that's all it is. Good Luck for 2004.

John McFeely


An update on the state of play.

Car was taken via flat bed to home dealer by the AA. Aside: The AA were really really good on this ocassion. Quick, helpful and went above and beyond what they were cotractually required to do. Full marks.

The clutch slave has a dirty/faulty seal from what I can gather. Very simple fault. Very unlucky where it was - inside the bell housing. Essentially a gearbox out job. :-(

We decided not to go down the reject route. Dealer has been very good in the past and wanted to give them a chance to fix things.
They have done a very good job over the Chrimble period to get things sorted. Replacement car was hired and will be fully claimed back. Have been suitably bribed to help us get over the trauma. Cannot complain about the service by our dealer: (Swain and Jones, Farnham)

Car was returned to us and it's still as good as ever. I was worried that the new car glow would disappear from both myself and the car. It hasn't.

All is therefore good. Here's hoping for the future...!

Paul Nothard

Nice to hear a positive result and to see positive feedback from a member.
Thanks, Paul.
Martin ZT

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