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MG ZR ZS ZT Technical - ZTT Headlamps

I have a 2004 ZTT and recently, the headlights do not always self-level on switch on, so both main and dipped beams remain at very low level. The MG Rover dealer who supplied the car replaced the main control unit (at a price!) but the problem is still intermittent. I have not had this problem on a previous ZT or a 75. Any ideas?
David M

Could be a similar problem to mine last year as reposted on this forum. There should be rubber trim over the box section seam weld under the headlamp unit - in mine it was missing on the right side and the loom chafed through shorting the lights. My headlights dimmed as well. To get at it you need to take the front bumper grill assembly off - not as bad as it seems!!

Link to original posting below

If it's not that then I would suspect the earthing.

Good luck!!
G Calvert

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