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MG MGA - ? about Moto-Lita Wheel

I just received a 15" Moto-Lita wheel hoping to use it on my MGA. It is dished and has three polished aluminum spokes. It can be refinished easily and would be a great wheel, but: instead of the normal 3.5" center hole that I see on most Moto Litas, this one has a 2.25" center hole. It does have nine bolt holes to mount the boss like my last Moto Lita, but clearly it won't fit my 3.5" hub. The seller has agreed to take it back and refund my money, but before I do that I want to find out what type of car this could be mounted on. I've spent a couple hours on the net and have been unable to find a hub adaptor for the 2.25" center, mainly because most companies make you search by make and model.

It came with an aluminum hub (missing the logo) so I know steering shaft diameter and number of splines, but again this info doesn't seem to be too helpful without knowing exactly where to look.

Perhaps if I posted a couple pictures here someone might know something....
Mark J Michalak

Hi Mark, The MGA Mota-Lita steering wheels are flat - the dished ones are for MGBs and Triumphs. I fitted a 15" M-L wheel, and it makes a big difference - being smaller doesn't seem to make it heavier, but it is does make it much easier to drive now than with the big old original - kept banging my elbow on the door! Adrian B.
A Bennett

This thread was discussed on 21/03/2008

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