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MG MGA - 123 Distributor

I have just fitted a 123 system to my MK 2 Coupe (1622 rebuilt original engine) I have found the car is much smoother with smooth acceleration through the rev range and the performance "seems" much improved. I have been able to reduce the idle to 5-600 rpm which is also very smooth. I used the 0 curve set at 7deg BTDC as recommended for the MGA.I bought the Mg version with vacuum advance from SC parts as they were the cheapest. I have been considering replacing the distributor on my car for some time, as I was not happy with my old one as I suspected the advance was not working correctly and perhaps it was well worn which gave an intermitant hesitation at higher revs. this was confirmed on taking out the old 25d which was worn and a bit sloppy. I decided on the 123 system as I was pleased with the results on my MGB fitted nearly two years ago. I intend to keep the old distibutor in the boot in case of any "electronic failures" at least as a get you home solution
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