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MG MGA - 123 Electronic Ignition

I am contemplating fitting the 123 Replacement distributor as suplied by SC parts and the MGOC here in the UK, to my MK2 Coupe with the 1622 engine. They list in their specification that the distributor has the advance curve for the MGA. I have fitted one in my MGB and am pleased with the result. Has anyone any experience of these in their MGA ?
P D Camp

If it worked well for your MGB I imagine the same would be true with the 1622. Could you elaborate a little bit more on how you are pleased with the results? Was your old distributor worn out or did you just decide to upgrade? I had contemplated the 123 distributor for my 5-main 1800 but decided to have the original dizzy rebuilt by Advanced Distributors instead.

Mark J Michalak

Mark took the words out of my mouth.

What was the improvement when you fitted the 123? Was this improvement simply because your old dissy was worn out? Perhaps? Was your old Dissy timed in correctly do you think?
All interesting stuff.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I had been contemplating fitting some sort of Electronic ignition to the B (1980 all original with uprated fast road engine by Oselli)for some time but as the car was running well I put the idea on hold.
Then in mid 2007 I started to get problems at high revs misfiring hesitation etc. I changed all the ignition parts plugs points condenser leads etc including the coil. I also suspected the distributor was somewhat worn after 90000 miles, and I still had the problem!!.At that time SC parts were advertising the 123 replacement and on contacting them they were very helpful and suggested my problem was possibly the ballast resistor in the coil circuit? However I thought it a good opportunity to change to the 123 I also fitted a Lucas Sports coil as recommended by S C parts- fitting was very simple and it had a dial in advance curve for the stage two engine and an inbuilt timing light to get it spot on. the improvement was noticable idled smoothly at 500/600 revs and would rev smoothly all through up to 5000 revs with a noticable increase in performance. I suspect the main improvement was down to replacing an old dizzy with a new one wether electronic or not but now the correct dwell is maintained with no maintenance apart from rotor and cap change every 12-18000 miles.I bought my MGA Coupe last February and a close friend and neighbour has now bought the B and is delighted with the performance still going well after 18 months and 7000 miles. My A is also performing well and whilst this is so I am tempted to leave well alone.But keeping the idea of the 123 on the back burner.
P D Camp

I think that is a good point Paul. I suspect the improvement was down mainly to a new dissy, electronic ignition that sorted out a problem that you had. Perhaps you could have repaired the initial problem and not bothered with the expensive 123?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I am sure I could have solved the problem especialy regarding the tip re the possible faulty ballast resistor on the B -but it also cured my feelings/concerns about fitting electronic ignition. The 123 dizzy is certaimly a nicely engineered piece of equipment using mainly Bosch parts and the resulting smoothness of the engine was a bonus
P D Camp

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