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MG MGA - 12v 2 pin plug & socket

Does anyone know where I can get one of these - for use with a battery charger. I have one fitted to the MGA already but want one for another car and the last stockist has discontinued them.

Many thanks

Phil Parmenter
P Parmenter


I have such a system fitted on my car. I found the plug and socket at a caravan shop.

This is my set up, second item down:

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve,
Yes that's what I've got on the MG which I did get from a caravan shop but now they haven't got any. I'll see what I can find on the internet. It works well on the MG and want to do the same on my mini.
P Parmenter


There seem to be many available at marine suppliers. Try in the US, or ECS Marine in the UK (try both their power inlet and plug/socket pages). I'd check that any unit you order is polarized.

Ken Korey

There's a more affordable lot in the UK here:
Ken Korey

I put a cigarette lighter socket behind the dash. I can use it for power, or for charging the battery with an adaptor. You just need to have an isolated socket if you don't change to Neg. ground.
Ed Bell


Even if isolated on a car with positive ground/earth, what happens when somebody inadvertently pops in a 12VDC charger for their cell phone or GPS?
Ken Korey

I concur Ken, --- "what happens when somebody inadvertently pops in a 12VDC charger for their cell phone or GPS?"

OR the very expensive laptop with all your business plans and a few hundred irreplacable photographs!!!!
Voice of experience!!!

BM Gannon

If the socket is isolated from the body AND it is wired B+ on the center pin/ B- on the outer pin, no fault-no foul. This can only be done if the lighter socket is isolated.


make sure that the item being plugged in has a outer case and any accessible metal parts that are isolated from the power wiring too. Otherwise some interesting things can happen IF your electronics case touches a metal body part.
Chuck Schaefer

I have converted my car to Neg. ground. I cannot understand why anyone would not do this so that it is compatable with modern electronic equipment. I understand the concept of "originallity" but where do you draw the line? Do you run bias ply tires? Only those in Abington can put genuine Abington air in the tires, everyone else has to use "unoriginal" air!
Ed Bell

I bought my electronic charger from Brown & Gammons it came with a non reversable plug & socket which I fixed to my MGA battery.They were also able to supply additional sockets etc which I purchased for my MGB - Worth a try to contact them
P D Camp

Thanks very much chaps - there's always somebody with the answer you need on this forum. Paul, the advantage of the plug and socket arrangement fitted on the panel behind the seat is that you do not need access to the battery which obviously on the MGA is not particularly handy. On the mini as well you need to remove the boot board and take off the battery cover so a socket in the car is much better.
P Parmenter

I bought an electronic battery conditioner for my car which also came with a lead which has a non-reversable socket on it. I used this for a while and it was fine but I worried about the lead wearing through and shorting on its way through the back shelf.
In the end I fitted a cigar lighter socket behind the passenger seat protected with an in-line fuse and this makes connecting the conditioner really simple.
This is fitted through the wooden panel behind the seat so there are no positive / negative earth issues.

It has proved to be really useful to connect other equipment also, such as my sat nav and ipod. (check the polarity before you connect anything though)

My only mistake was to fit it immediately behind the seat back so I have to move the seat forward to give space for the plug.
I am planning to move it between the seats over the winter.
Hope that helps
Colyn Firth

Chuck Schaefer has it correct. And there's not much these days with a metal case. The most likely problem is having the free end of a phone charger unplugged from the phone. The exposed metal on the tip will be 'hot' in a +gnd car. I'd put a fuse in (find what the trickle charger max current is; it's probably just a couple of amps). Radio Shack has (or did have; can't find anything on their website now) a couple of nice 12v sockets in plastic cases (a single and a triple).

Regarding +gnd to -gnd. If you've got a relatively stock MGA, the change is trivial. Barney's got more info on this (
Dave McCann

One on Ebay US now - in Malaysia!
at $16 + $6 shipping, says NOS

FR Millmore

I take the socket on a lead outside the battery cover fits just behind the passenger seat The Lead is protected as it passes through the bulkhead
P D Camp

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