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MG MGA - 12v Battery Conversion - Australia

Hi, can any of the folks here in Australia recommend a commonly available 12v battery that fits in the A battery cradle without modification?

I've seen references to an Odyessey PC925LMJ but I'm wondering whether the stated capacity of 28 Ah is sufficient (I running with a standard c40 generator and voltage regulator).I'm also curious as to whether a CCA of 330 would be a significant improvement over the twin 6v arrangement.



The Odyssey batteries are brilliant, and seem to last twice as long as the standard ones (aided by a trickle charger when not in use). The prices here in Oz are reasonably exy, but you can get one delivered off Ebay for just under A$300. I use them in all my A's.
Gary Lock

I have pieces of Pineboard in the bottom of both my 1600 coupe and roadster battery cradles and (cheaper) 12 volt batteries sit on both (with the original "hold downs" in each case). I was sick of being ripped off buying 6volt batteries that would fit.
Barry Bahnisch

I have exactly this Question for a new owner in Zürich, what is the Code or type number of the battery you use? I can't provide the information so my cradles have been modified and I use a ratchet strap to hold the battery in place.
dominic clancy

The Fiat Punto battery has the same footprint as a 6v, but is slightly shorter.

I recently fitted one to my brother's MGB.

44Ah and 420 CCA.

Varta B35/B36 or Bosch 002L/202

Dave O'Neill 2

I use the Odyssey battery in my FFR Cobra , and it is a V8 with a lot of extra gadgets....Have had it in the car for 5 years. I do keep a trickle charger on it, as the engine is fuel injected, and there is constant power draw for the engine control module....I know it would work in the MG, but a support would have to be fabricated, as it is about half the size of a standard 12V battery.
E B Wesson

Dominic, The battery I use is a common one designed for Holdens (the most popular car here in Oz). You will have to look at a selection of new batteries to see the one that fits best (terminals, etc).
Barry Bahnisch

You don't need anything special. When I got my B it had an AC Delco S40B20lS-DF 330 cold cranking amp. Maintaince free. After 6 years I replaced it just because of its age. Replaced it with the same and its been perfect for 5 years so far. As an aside I continues to use my old battery to start my model air craft. last week a friends car would not start at our field so he used jumpers and my old battery and it actually started. 11 years plus and still holds a charge. It also fits the battery compartment spot on. I too use a battery tender if the car has not had a lot of running. Denis

Thanks for the feedback everyone. very useful (as always)!



I'm away from home now, for a week, so I can't check the model number . However I have a single 12 volt Odyssey in both my MGA and my MGB.

I've just replaced the Odyssey in the MGA, that was in the car when I bought it, with another. The first had lasted 13 years according to the date stamped on the bottom of the battery. The one in the MGB is about five years ago. My neighbour has had one in his Morgan Plus 8 for 15 years, and despite the car having infrequent use, and no trickle charger, it's still in perfect condition.

When I looked up the specs of the Odyssey I'd fitted to the B five years ago, it considerably outperformed the original twin 6 volt batteries. For an overall saving of 11.5 Kg in weight, that's pretty good going.

Let me know if you'd like the Odyssey model number. I can post it here when I get back home. While the Odysseys are dearer than conventional batteries, with their long life span, they work out to be cheaper in the long run. And the two I have "crank" very impressively strongly. They're tough and powerful little buggers!
T Aczel

Does anyone else have a European reference for a 12v battery that fits the standard tray. My trays have both been modified ( long ago as they are made of angle iron and have only vestiges of the original, but were good enough to keep when I bought the car), so I cannot assume that my battery will fit every car.
dominic clancy

I have a single 12 volt battery fitted to my MGA that fits without any modifications to the battery tray. It's for a mid 80's Mazda 323 and so far has lasted 5 years with a trickle charger.
I Hazeldine

Battery VARTA D42 360, 175 x 175 x 190, 66AV
Original space: 188 x 188
all metric
Sigbert Weinberger

sorry wrong battery number, should read B35/390, 42 aH
Sigbert Weinberger

Thanks Siggi
dominic clancy

The battery is an Odyssey PC 925
It comes in two versions:
PC 925 MJT $350 delivered and
PC 925 LMJ $320 delivered.

The first has a metal jacket and is designed to work well even in high operating temperatures, presumably like those in a modern engine bay. It happens to be the one sold to me. However in an MGA and MGB application I'd be confident the second, slightly cheaper, version would be fine.
T Aczel

Mine is a Halfords battery - now six years old and still going. I just took the dims of my trays and went down there with a tape measure.

#212 rings a bell (I could look tomorrow). But the one thing I remember is that it was more expensive than most of the others.

Sorry - just noticed that we're talking about Australia. Are you lucky enough to have Halfords there?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

No Halfords here in Oz.

I should add that the Odyssey batteries are a gel type and therefore permanently sealed. Not that you'd want to in our application, but you can therefore install them in any orientation, bar completely inverted.
But being fully sealed and maintenance free, you are relieved of the tedium of having to access the battery for checking and topping up. (My soft top rarely goes up. Likewise the side curtains are usually hanging there behind the seats, almost "just for show").
Just install the new battery, replace the battery cover, and return there when you need to replace the battery somewhere around a decade and a half later!
T Aczel

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