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MG MGA - 1500 Cam replacement

Hi All,

I took my 1500 engine in to my mechanic last week who informs me the cam is shot although the block and head are good. I'm looking for suggestion on replacement options. Moss? Refurbished used cams?

The machine shop is boring the cylinders out .030 over so I'll need pistons - suggestions on those would be helpful also.

L Wheeler

I had my camshaft reground by "Oregon Cam Grinding Inc." It was cheaper than buying a new one. Despite the name, they are located in Vancouver.

Ed Bell

If you are interested in any kind of performance build up of your engine I recommend Advanced Performance Technology They can grind a cam to any spec's on a new steel blank or provide a nitrided regrind. They also have a nice set lightweight tappets with an oil hole for cam lubrication, you will need new tappets. For a stock rebuild with price in mind the best I found was at British Parts northwest Nice people to deal with they also have Durabond cam bearings better and cheaper than AE. Any reground camshaft will have a core charge and if you cam is wiped out it cannot be reground unless it is welded up, generally not worth it.
Charles O'Brien

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