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MG MGA - 1500 Depends

I read one time in MGA! about a gent who drove his MG across country who actually developed an MG diaper to staunch the drips that always fell once he stopped and parked. This got me thinking about the drips of oil my 1500 deposits which are noticeably more than my 1600. So, tonight's poll is for 1500 owners: Just how much oil do you drip after a run in the sun and you put it away? Mine drips about a tablespoon sized puddle which seems like a lot to me. How about you?
David Holmes

My MGA Coupe list as: oil pan / none....bell housing to tranny / one or two drops....tranny / none....rear axle /3 or 4 drops (from drain plug and which I will fix with differential change).

I find a secret to keeping the drain plugs drip free is too wrap the plug with teflon plumbers tape. It is not perfect but does create a better seal at the threads.

Gordon Harrison

I have an early MG-ZA which has the same motor as a 1500 MGA, but the earlier version with the bypass filter and no external oil pipe. It drips no oil at all and is esy on the driveway (Unlike my wife's Dodge Caravan which pi**es fluids all over the place!)

Rich McKIe

I get about a 3 inch puddle (on an aluminum pan) from the engine, never measured the amount. I am going to build the diaper holder this weekend (while doing floorboards, etc.)
Steven B

I'm getting about a 3" to a 3-1/2" spot every time I drive it and it has one of Barneys rear main seals and has had someone elses from Mo. as well to try and stop the oil from exiting the rear of the engine after a rebuild. Tom
Tom Peotter

Teflon tape is not advisable. It will shred and can get into oil galleries. It must be thoroughly cleaned off each time and the female thread (the pan) is difficult to clean without risk of small shreds getting inside.
John DeWolf

Gee, I feel so much better about my tablespoon sized splooge. Thanks for making me feel a little better about it.
David Holmes

David, The only shure-fire way to make a MG stop leaking oil is to quit putting oil into it! Even then the residual oil in the system will probably drip for years after it stops running. I find it helps to keep the dust under control in my gravel driveway. It also keeps me from spending the money to put in a nice concrete driveway. So I guess in the long run it is saving me lots of money. I do try not to spot my friends nice driveways when visiting them. You just have to park where it won't be a problem for the non MG people. Like the smells and noises it's just part of the fun of owning and driving on of these fine cars.
Ed Bell

I am now rebuilding my engine and because the crank mechancal oil seal is in such good condition (the entire engine shows little wear) I am going to try the engine first without any fabricated seal. I will let you all know how it turns out but that will be some time from now.
James Johanski

Careful about inadvertently creating a fire hazard...
D Sjostrom

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