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MG MGA - 1500 front brakes

I need to replace the two right hand side brake cylinders part no GWC110.
I think I need two right hand cylinders, retailer is trying to convince me that I need one of each GWC110 and GWC111, a rh and a lh.
I am 80% sure please help with confirmation.

R W McIntosh


If you want to do only the right side of the front wheel brakes, you'll definitely need two brake cylinders with partnumber GWC110.

The two brake cylinders on the left hand side have partnumber GWC111 (and the cylinders on the rear have p/n GWC1114)

Rutger Booy

Both cylinders on the right are the same part #. The left ones are a mirror immage and are a different #
R J Brown

You are right.
Maybe you should name the retailer so we are aware of their reluctance to listen to the customer, and their perpensity to supply incorrect parts!
P. Tilbury

thank you for confirmation.
I e-mailed supplier and insisted it would be two rh for right hand side wheel.
His reply "Hi Ross, my parts book must be wrong. I have plenty of both side so if you want 2 RH ones it's no problem. Price will be the same, naturally. Regards, Rob"
I think he was genuinely trying to be helpfull and keep me right acording to his book.
I have now ordered, and am happy with service so far.
R W McIntosh

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