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MG MGA - 1500 fuel guage problem

Hello All,

Unless the tank on my '57 is full the fuel guage needle bouNces around. Any ideas as to what is wrong and how to fix it?

B. Papazian

This is normal!
P. Tilbury

Depends what you mean by "bounces". It's normal for the needle to gently wander around a bit as you drive the car. However, it's not normal for the needle to swing violently back and forth like a thing gone demented.
Andy Bounsall

Let me give a better explanation of the probelm as I see it. Unless thew tank is full, when the key is on the guage needle bounces plus or minus 1/4 tank around what I beleive to be the true level.

It does this without the engine running or the car moving. The key has to be on though.
B. Papazian

Sounds like a bad connection. Have you disturbed the wires behind the dash or at the tank recently. Try running a jumper wire from the sending unit to a good ground.
Kris Sorensen

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