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MG MGA - 1500 master cylinder vs 1600 mc

Is there any difference between the 1500 master cylinder and the 1600 master cylinder other than the latter has a taller lid? Moss Motors shows different part numbers (180-671 for the 1500 and 180-751 for the 1600.) They list the same rebuild kit for both, part 180-970. I assume that the greater fluid storage capacity on the 1600 was needed because of disk brakes. Any chance the 1600 disk brake mc does not use a non-return valve?


Bobby Loughridge
B. F. Loughridge

The main casting and the internals of the two are identical. The only difference in the 1600 M/C is the extended cover.
Chuck Schaefer


I think you will find that the lid gasket on the 1500 is different to the 1600. The 1500 gasket covers the entire lid, with a hole cut out where the top up hole is located. The 1600 gasket is more of a 'rim' gasket.

The MC extension is remanufactured over here and I have converted my 1500 with the extension as I have installed front disc brakes.

Steve Gyles

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