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When converting to disc brakes , on the front, I am using 1600 front steel wheel hubs. Do I keep the large metal cone ( between the two 1600 bearing,) or remove it. I have tried to install the hub on my 1500 spindle , with the cone spacer, but they do not fit. I am referring to part # 31

Gordon Harrison

Yes the spacer between the bearings is necessary.

D Rawlins

I have two cones, one long and one short. Neither one fits my 1500 spindle. It seems to be the size of the small hole in the cone. Any ideas how to figure this out.

The 1600 hubs come from a scrap car. Are spindles for 1500 and 1600 not the same ?
Gordon Harrison

Per Barney, the difference between early 1500 and late 1500/1600 spindles (aka knuckles) is the hole for the steering arms. So, they should all be the same as far as the bearings and hubs are concerned.

Keeping in mind that Barney isn't right 100% of the time, most of the time you won't go far wrong in following his info.

D Rawlins

ACF4003 Distance piece for bearing
Same for all MGA 1500, 1600, 1600-MK-II
Different for Twin Cam (and "Deluxe")

Notice item 28 in illustration above. It is an inboard spacer for the inner bearing, also the mating surface for the rotating seal.

I can confirm that as far as the bearing spacers are concerned there is no difference between pushrod MGA models. The stub axle does differ with the steering arm hole, but the bearings are all the same across pushrod models. I suspect you have bearing spacers from a midget if they are too small, but your old ones should fit if you still have them.

The spacers are an important element in the strength of the structure, do not leave them out under any circumstances.
Dominic Clancy

The strange part of this question is that the complete (rt/It) side used units I bought were from a 1600 front end. Everything was included and complete. I dismantled both units,cleaned them,had them inspected for problems , cracks etc, and then painted everything. This included,the trunions, backing plates for disc wheels ( only one was good) , spindles with steering arms,caliper mounts, rotors (usless),and the 1600 hubs with all of the bearings spacers etc.

Mr Gaylord, I changed the bearings and seals and installed part number 28 on both hubs. The part # 31, the long cone spacer was installed between the two bearings with the cone tip pointed at the........get this......the caliper bracket. Like an idiot I put the cone in backwards. No wonder it does not fit on the spindle.

I hope I am not the only one who has had one of those days. Many thanks everybody.
Gordon Harrison

Given some of the issues others have had, when mine was apart I actually had the swivel pins magnafluxed by a machine shop. I didn't take them out of the spindles so the full length could be checked for cracks, but the area they seem to usually crack (base of acme threads) is easily checked without further disassembly. It costs a few bucks but I think it is well worth doing.

Glad you were able to figure out what the problem was. I think everybody does something like that at one point or another.

D Rawlins

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