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MG MGA - 1500 motor ID needed

Hello all - I could use some help with this one. I bought two 1500 motors & gearboxes at Hershey AACA last month that were 'supposed' to be early MGA's. After a bit of searching, found they are actually from Metropolitans of the same era. Can anyone give me any insight on these or maybe a link to a Metro expert if I am barking up the wrong tree. Thanks. Harvey
hw Wallbanger

From the head gasket down, Met engines are same as MGA 1500, except no tach drive. The block could be machined to accept the tach drive. Above the head gasket, Met engines had much smaller valves and single carburetor, poor performance for the MGA. But if you slap on an MGA or MGB head and carburetors it's good going.

If you have engine numbers, the original application decode information is here:

Early Met had the BP12A 1200cc engine, nothing at all like the later ones.
Later Met had the BP15M 1500 engine, similar to MGA but small valve single carb and lower power.
Barney Gaylord

I thought I had heard that Met engines had lower compression pistons. Easy enough to replace the pistons, I guess if you're doing a complete rebuild anyway. Could be completely wrong though.
Larry Wheeler

Thanks for your reply. Barney, can I send you a note off list? Just drop me a note at the above.
hw Wallbanger

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