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MG MGA - 1500 tappet setting

My 1500 engine is very noisy with a 17 hot setting. Rockers have been reface. The 1600 setting is 15 hot and has the same cam. Did they realize .017 was more than needed, but did not include a new setting for the 1500? I have set tappets on many engines so I do know how. What say you all? Can I set them tighter?
DL Rezin

are the valve end of the rockers smooth. If they are worn there may be a groove that would be bridged, giving a false set. The rockers can be re-dressed.
.. CR
C.R. Tyrell

He said they are refaced, so I assume that means the business end!
Why set them hot? By the time you get to No 8 the valve stems have all cooled down and everything is the same temperature.
You can get noise from a worn rocker shaft.
Art Pearse

Dave, check that you haven't got wear in your rocker shaft or worn rocker bushes. Both of these will give you abnormal 'tappet' noise. How do I know?!!
Lindsay Sampford

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