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MG MGA - 1500 to disk Bakes and B calipers?

brakes a 1500 chassis which I
B Suelzle

Three common ways to get Disc brakes on a 1500 MGA. Straight swap to 1600 spec parts. All later parts fit with the tab movement you mention. This swap can also be done with B calipers using an adapting bracket. The other way is to go with a B front end swap.
R J Brown


I did exactly your conversion about 4 years ago. I was able to use my existing flexible pipes, They screwed straight in. Length of the pipes would seem to be the only issue, but it was okay on my car. However, my colleague did the same conversion and relocated the anchor bracket about an inch because the pipe was too taught at full lock. Maybe my pipes were a bit longer - 1600 pipes?

Steve Gyles

Hi Bruce,
I upgraded mine in the traditional way of swapping 1500 for 1600 hubs, but I've somewhat uprated the brakes, as I fitted the MGB adaptor plates and Rover SD1 Police Spec 4-pots to improve the stopping power (running a 2.1L big bore engine).

You wil need to fit the adaptor plates (about
G Hudson

Thanks for the information guys. Looks like I will go with the 1600 hoses and pipes.
B Suelzle

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