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MG MGA - 1500m engine backplate

Has anyone in the UK got a 1500 engine backplate going spare?
Dominic Clancy

Hi Dominic,
I have a 1500 back plate from a Magnette engine. If this will work, will we be even so I don't owe you a dinner for all the information you have given me. I can always bring it with me when I go to GB at the end of the month. You just have to figure out how to get it to you.
Jeff Becker

Yes please. It needs to go to Chris Betson who is doing 1950 engine for me. Should be pretty cool with the Judson added! Details follow by Email. Thanks
Dominic Clancy

Hello Dominic, I have one here from. Riley 1.5, but it has a high starter. I assume you are looking for a low starter position? Dave
DM Gibson

Yes, need a low starter, hoping Jeff will come up with the goods
Dominic Clancy

Out of interest, what's the difference between 1500, 1600 and 3-sync 1800?

I have a few different backplates, so it would help if I could identify them.
Dave O'Neill 2

Dave, the starter on a 1500 is lower down than the later engines. The 1600 had bulge in the gearbox tunnel through the toe board.
DM Gibson

picture of low starter version

Dominic Clancy

Differences in rear plates is mostly in the starter position and bellhousing diameter, and there are a lot of different rear plates. See here:

Hi Dave
Back in August you mentioned on this thread you had a few different backplates. I find myself now requiring a 1600 backplate, do you have one?
Mark Dollimore

Dominic,I think you'll find that the 1500 Magnette engine had a high starter. Check with Jeff before he luggs it all the way all the way from the States!
Lindsay Sampford


You have mail (hopefully)
Dave O'Neill 2

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