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MG MGA - 15C engine prefix

I have a 1500cc engine that defies identification. I've read several tomes related to the B-series engines and their applications but this engine number isn't mentioned.
There is no tach drive hole, otherwise seems identical to my MGA block.
Engine tag is in fine shape: 15C-N-H 125851
JR Alexander

Could it be this one:

"Morris were just as canny, the 1549cc sv engine from the Morris Twelve/Four, ( used as an ohv in the M.G. VA and Wolseley 12/48,) had its 102mm stroke cut down to 87mm to improve rpm, giving 1476cc, fitted with a dry modern clutch, shell bearings, and called a 'VS15M', and used in the post war Cowley up until 1954, and as the 'VS15C' in the Morris 'J' Type vans until 1956. The BMC 1200cc 'B' series ohv was then fitted to replace it, having a similar forward sump to the 'Z' Magnettes, to clear the solid front leaf sprung axle on the J type van."

This section is taken from Neil Cairns MG Engine History, page 13 -

Steve Gyles

According to the info posted in another current thread, 15C-N-H is a Nash Metropolitan engine (see Jan-58 entry about 1/2 way down this page
Andy Bounsall

Thanks Steve and Andy. Looks like it's a Metropolitan engine from mid-1958.
I'm going to freshen it up a bit (rings, brgs, T-chain, paint job) and set aside while I wait for my MGA to rid herself of all that rust she accumulated over the years.
Can't have too many engines, can we?


JR Alexander

I don't claim any exact knowledge about Metros but somewhere I heard that Metros had smaller valves that were used in the "A". Something to consider if true. Any Metro guys out there who know?
Keith Lowman

I measured the valve heads and, as Keith said, they are not the same diameters.
Metropolitan exh: approx 30mm; intake: approx 35mm. MGA has exh: 32.5mm; int. 38mm
These measurements were made using the finest of plastic calipers but should be pretty close.

I'm going to investigate enlarging the valves by installation of larger valve seat inserts & porting. If there's no extra room in the combustion chamber I may resort to that old ratty MGB head under the workbench.

My long range plan is to have this engine in reserve. I have this spare chassis behind the garage that someday could become something - if I live that long!
BMC is my retirement.

JR Alexander

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