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MG MGA - 1600 brake caliper piston removal

My 1957 1500 MGA has 1600 Lockeed front disk brakes. When I took them apart, I found that all 4 pistons in the calipers were solidly frozen in the retracted position. The brake system is down, with no hydraulic pressure in it. I used compressed air to blow out 3 of the 4 stuck pistons, but the fourth won't budge. I have tried freezing the stuck caliper and then applying compressed air, but no luck. Has anybody had any luck with application of heat? Are there any other suggestions?
M.E. Whalen

On the MGA Forum website, there is a chain of suggestions under the question of Caliper Reconditioning with several good answers..
Doug Schimke

M.E. Whalen,
PLease see this thread:,1221931
R Garcia

When we did mine we had better luck with grease that with compressed air.
Keith Lowman

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