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MG MGA - 1600 Brake Dust Cover- left side

To all out there, Would any of you good MGA or MGB people have the Dust Covers or just the Left side Cover for the Disc. brakes on the 1600 MGA. I have a 1956 MGA that I'm installing a set of period 1600 Lockheed
Brakes replacing the Drum set up. I have a Right side Dust Cover but need the Left side Cover or "Brake Plate". My e-mail is:
I'm in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA 54904. I have blasted all the parts and painted them and am ready to install but I really would like to find the left side before I install on the car. Would it be possible to use the left side of the Drum brake dust cover if I modified it first? Thank you.Tom
Tom Peotter

Just for your information the disc brake dust cover was not fitted to the 1600, although of course it can be retro fitted. It was introduced on the MkII in 1961.

I would not have thought that the drum brake backplate could be made into a suitable disc brake dust cover, but I suppose anything is possible.
Neil McGurk

Neil, thank you for responding to my Question. Your answer brings up another problem. The Right side Dust cover that I have will not fit the hanging cast brackets that were made for the 1600 MGA. I bought this
right side dust cover from someone that sold it to me as a cover for the 1600. My other question is I have all the parts for the conversion but I'm looking for photos of the installation showing all the parts. A schematics
or photos or line drawings of the 1600 installed would be great. Sincerely, Tom
Tom Peotter
The pictures I think you need are here under suspension not brakes.
The drum back plate is made of much heavier material and would not make a good place to start.
As Neil stated not all cars had them and they are NOT necessary.
Pictures would help get correct answers.
R J Brown

I wouldn't bother. I removed the shields from my Mk 2 to allow better cooling.

The objection would be 'Yes, but that allows dust to get in and wears the pads out more quickly", to which I would respond "So I'll need to do a brake job when I am 98 years old instead of 90? OK by me.

Given the low mileage these cars do, a brake dust shield is a non-issue. Don't turn yourself inside out to fit something that isn't supposed to be there in the first place.
Bill Spohn

Hi Tom. I find those dust covers to be a pain if you need to work on the swivel pins. Without the dust covers, both upper and lower trunnions can be easily unscrewed. With the dust covers in place, I believe the upper trunnion CANNOT be unscrewed, and the entire hub, bearing and dust cover then have to come off in order to unscrew the (I think) upper trunnion. I have removed one dust cover, and when I need to pull the other hub, the second dust cover will be removed and permanently left off. Just my 2 cents worth, Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

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