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MG MGA - 1600 engine won't idle when hot.

First time I've taken the car more than a few hundred yards, since I got it....
Went downtown to get some ethanol-free gas...
I had the usual "heat-soak" problem , peculiar to most MG's, but waiting a few minutes, and running the fuel pump , got me started...
On the way home, every time I came to a stop, the engine would start to die, unless I gave it gas....
Cold idle, was about 1100 rpm...
When driving the car, there was no apparent miss....Car has pertronix ignition, and it felt strong on acceleration....
Carbs are running a little rich....Where should I start to look for the stalling problem?
Edward Wesson 52TD

Start by a basic reset of your carbs, making sure they are properly synched.
dominic clancy

I did have a chance to play with the idle screws , while the car was warm, yesterday, and it now does not stall...
I'm going to go over the carbs, when I change the clutch, next week, and will have a chance to give them a good "going over", out of the car...
I think they are fine, but just not set up properly.
Will then reset them, once they are back in the car.

What is the best tool, to get the air cleaner bolts on the back side? They are a real "knuckle" buster with an open end wrench, and no socket will fit....
Edward Wesson 52TD

I always removed the carbs as a complete assembly complete with inlet manifold, by removing the nuts that hold it to the head
dominic clancy

An approach that worked for me is to grind down an old open ended spanner so that each side of the jaw is is quite thin and this allows the nut to be tightened one flat at a time.
J H Cole

That's a good idea....What about the manifold gasket, does it get damaged in that process?
I have a 1/2" Atlas-lathe spanner that is very thin...I hadn't thought of trying it....Thanks.
Edward Wesson 52TD

I just use a 1/4 drive ratchet and a small socket, the top of the heat shield is bent a fraction towards the carbs to gain space to get in.
dominic clancy

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