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MG MGA - 1600 front disc brake 'dust covers?'

Hi guys,

I've seen on some 1600s (the later ones?) that MG fitted dust covers/shields to the front brakes to reduce brake wear. I've occasionally seen some for sale, but they were very expensive and second hand, and I was told that they were as common as the proverbial "rocking-horse pooh".

Does anyone out there in "MGA land" know of anyone that makes these?


Grant :-)
G Hudson


I have a 1600 MkII, which came fitted with the dust shields. Indeed, the shields reduce the wear of the inner brake pads. My experience has been that without them, if the car is driven year round including rain and snow, the inner pads wear at two or more times the rate of the outer pads.

To my knowledge a replica part is not available. Scarborough Faire has been thinking about having them made, but so far doesn't have concrete plans.

Indeed, the dust covers are rare. Even harder to find are the required distance washers to space the cover off of the hub carrier. Unless your car was originally fitted with them and you are seeking originality, I wouldn't bother with them. Pads are inexpensive, easily replaced, and still give plenty of miles without the shields.

I have an extra cover for the left side that's in very good condition. I purchased it for $100 USD a few years ago. If someone needs it for a MkII restoration ... and finds the expense worthwhile ... please let me know.


Steve K

Grant and Steve or other; My nearly completed 1960 restoration had, when I bought it, a R front disc dust shield(with distance washers),but not on the left.I decided to do without it and have since found that they are rare birds.Seems odd that they haven't been reproduced- just a simple stamping.If you would like mine for shipping and a few hassle dollars, say so. Bob Prentice
rsa prentice

I have some of these kicking around, but they really aren't worth bothering with. For cars used in any sort of competition, you always removed them to promote better cooling anyway, and the added wear and necessity of having to change pads a bit more quickly isn't going to amount to anything significant given that these cars aren't used for day to day transportation any more.

If you need to change your pads in 5 years instead of 6 years, I think one can live with that... :-)
Bill Spohn

Not used for "day to day transportation"
Ya must be kidding........

G T Foster

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