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MG MGA - 1600 half shafts

I'm currently restoring a 1600 Mk.2 and I'm just about to fit a 3.9 diff unit [pumpkin]. I've fitted the halfshafts into the axle tube [banjo] and there is 1 1/4 inch gap between the internal ends where they would fit into the diff. These halfshafts are 25 inches long, but I also have a pair which are 26 inches long but these are obviously too long to use.

Does anyone have any idea what these 26 inch long shafts would fit@


M. Standish


I can't answer your question, but, before you get any further down the installation line, have you checked that the 3.9 diff has the correct sun gears for your half shafts? Barney has it all here and how to swap them over. Straightforward job. Even I managed it without issue:

The only thing I would say on MGA wire wheel half shafts is that the ww conversion using a standard length disc wheel rear axle (1500) needed slightly longer shafts. May be one of your sets is for this.

Steve Gyles

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comments - I have a number of diff units tucked away in my garage and the 3.9 unit had fine splines whereas my halfshafts have course splines, so I have already swapped over the gears from another diff. I also replaced the bearings and oil seal. This is a change I did on my 1600 coupe [which my daughter now has!] and I also did on my former race car, which had an MGB engine, so I knew the score, but thanks anyway.

It would be useful to know what these halfshafts actually are from if anyone knows what 26 inch long shafts are for.

M. Standish

I don't have one to measure in hand, but, ....
The wire wheel axle housing and halfshafts are about 7/8-inch shorter each side to account for length of the WW hub and retain similar track width. Trying to install a DW half shaft into a WW housing, it will bottom on the inboard spline before it mates at the outboard end. Trying to install a WW halfshaft into a DW housing, the outboard flange will mate before the inboard splines are engaged.
Barney Gaylord

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