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MG MGA - 1600 Mk 2 - Colour of fan and pulley

Should the fan and pulley on a Mk 2 be yellow or just the fan?

Only reason I ask is Barney (MgaGaru)seems to recommend the fan only, whereas Clausager's photos on p56 of Original MGA shows both fan and pulley in yellow (albeit the photos are of a 1600 Mk2 De Lux)

Thanks in anticipation

John Follett

I think just the fan should be yellow. Look at the Concours specifications here
Only the fan is mentioned, not the pulley.

JL Cheatham

We discussed this at length back in 2009 and opinions were divided even then. I just painted my blades during an engine out clean-up and paint. In case anyone makes an observation about the bolts, I ran out of yellow paint!


Steve Gyles

When I gave my engine an overhaul two years ago I repainted the fan and the pulley.
Cleaning and sanding the pulley down to the bare metal did not show any other colour but yellow.
Engine in the car is late 1961 1622 ccm with 55k original miles on it.

Just FYI

L. Christiansen

Hi guys

Thank you for all your advice.

Last question

Does anyone know the RAL code for school bus yellow?

John Follett

Broom yellow - RAL1032 .............Mike
Mike Moore


Great. Thanks

John Follett

My MKII had before restoration, and still does, both pulley and fan in yellow.
Keith Lowman

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