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MG MGA - 1600 Mk1 For Sale

Regular contributors to this site may well have noted that I am seeking to sell my 1960 1600 Mk 1 to fund the purchase of a TC. I explained that this is a car that I have lusted after since the age if 10. Unfortunately such an acquisition means that I cannot afford to keep both cars, should I indeed be able to acquire a TC.

Briefly the car is a rare UK model (rare in that only 5000 out of a total in excess of 100,000 were retained for the UK market. Built in June 1960 the car was eventually sold and registered in Belfast NI in March 1961. Originally black with a grey hood and disc wheels it remained in the province and in the 1990's was rebuilt by the owner, a garage proprietor, a Mr Mccarroll, from Portglenone, NI. The rebuild covered a period of more than seven years. During this time more than 8,000 GBP was spent with Moss UK on parts alone and there is also an invoice for the respraying of the car in 1999. As far as I can gather the car was sold in about 2007 and eventually was acquired by a new owner in England. He thoroughly upgraded the braking system fitting new pipework, cylinders, discs (front), the suspension. The engine was replaced with a new 1622cc unit, 5 speed box, oil cooler and electric fan. The electrics polarity, single 12v battery, alternator and new heater unit. I acquired the car in August 2011 and fitted new seat covers, chrome wire wheels with Vredsten tyres, new hood, frame, side screens, tonneau. I had the engine tuned by Peter Burgess in 2012 who fitted electronic ignition and in 2015 had the windscreen supports rechromed and new glass fitted by Ed Biddle in Malvern. A superb car to drive and I have covered just over 8,500 miles until this week.The car is garaged and is great fun. It is MOT tested until November 2016 but I will get a new MOT on sale if so required. Price 21,750 GBP. If interested please contact me off line by email. Sincerely Jerry

Jerry Birkbeck

Please note a revised price of 20,750 or nearest offer!
Jerry Birkbeck

Sadly I will be leaving the A owning community having sold my MGA. Took the new owner for a 10 mile spin in a mix of heavy traffic conditions and empty rural roads. Great fun the A ran superbly in lovely warm conditions around 27c and sun shining.
I will always savour the wonderful lines of the A - probably the purest design of any MG. Having been lucky to own a very good example with all the upgrades of a 1600 with 5 spd box, alternator, oil cooler, electric fan etc a quite stunning car. Undoubtedly the most reliable MG that I have ever owned! Another one in the future...doubtful but who knows!
So thanks to all you guys for your help and guidance one final thought get rid of those awful racks on the boot!

Back to completing the brake overhaul on the YT and thinking of a possible TC that may come to fruition!

All the best
Jerry Birkbeck

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