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MG MGA - 1600 plus 20 high compression Pistons wanted?

Anyone got a set of these they want to sell?

Mark Hester

I think you'll have top specify which 1600 you are after, 1588 or 1622.
Bill Spohn

Yes 1588 plus 20 thou oversize Bill

Flat top and low compression are easy to obtain but high compression alas proving difficult

Mark Hester

I might have some larger oversize 13:1 from a 1622 engine, but that's the closest I could come.
Bill Spohn

Original high compression (8.3:1) and low compression (7.8:1?) 1489cc and 1588cc engines all used dished pistons. Low compression was dished deeper. Flat top pistons would be extra high compression (maybe 9.1:1 or thereabout).

The 1622cc engine in standard high compression (8.9:1) form used flat top pistons. Low compression (8.3:1) had dished pistons.
Barney Gaylord

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