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MG MGA - 1622 Crankshaft

Hi Guys

I am looking for a good usable and crack free 1622 Crankshaft.
It appears the Mark 2 that I took to Europe last year has broken the crank.
Obviously one in Australia would be best but happy to have anything that is available.
Ian Prior

You could try Rod O'Malley at MG Sales. (08) 8346 0888
A Bowie

Ian, I have a new, or almost new 1622 crankshaft, complete in an original BMC box. Been wrapped up in my garage for years.
I'm unlikely to need it, (boy I hope I haven't jinxed myself), having fitted an 18V engine to my MGA recently.
T Aczel

Thanks Guys

I'll follow up the suggestions.

Ian Prior

Sorry to show my ignorance guys, on the subject of the 1800 engine, which I had fitted by Bob West to my own MGA last year, what does the V stand for in 18V?

Ian, good progress to get the MGA to Adelaide, see you there, hopefully!


Doug Wallace

Doug.The V stands for 1800cc B series Vertical, meaning it is in line for the rear wheel drive cars fitted vertically,as opposed to canted over for underfloor fitment,other 18 numbers also include 18H which were for transverse fitment in front wheel drive cars. A.T
Andy Tilney

Andy, Thanks for that, mystery finally solved, Doug
Doug Wallace

Doug. I forgot to mention after the 18V there are three numbers the letter after these three numbers is of interest.for an MGB home market it should be an F, which denotes twin carbs, if it an E then its denotes a single carb, which would mean a Marina or a Sherpa, if it has an L as well as an E then its a Sherpa,hope that is of interest to you. A.T
Andy Tilney

Thanks Andy, all interesting.. Doug
Doug Wallace

The 18v is the "duck's nuts" as we say here! It is the strongest 1800 block. See Peter Burgess book "How to power tune MGB 4 cylinder engines" page 55
Mike Ellsmore

The "Duck's Nuts" sounds the business. Will order the book..
Doug Wallace

You can always use an Austin A-60 crank in a Mk 2 MGA engine.
Bill Spohn

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