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MG MGA - 1622 engine core price

I have a secound 1622 engine core with crank and pretty much everything except pistons that I never got around to rebuilding.

Anyone have an idea on how to fairly value these parts for a sale? Ive got an interested party and dont want to give away the parts but not price the buyer out of the purchase.

Thanks ahead of time! :-)
Steven Devine

I bought two last year for 150 GBP as complete engines needing a full overhaul. They were without the tacho take-off, but that was machined into both blocks as part of the overhaul. In the past I have been able to get them even cheaper
dominic clancy

Hey Dom!
Here in the states the 1622 is pretty hard to find. Not impossible but definately not easy to come by as a 1500 or 1600. They didnt import the vans and other vehicles that used that motor over here.

Many cars on this side of the pond have had engines swapped out for earlier smaller versions.

I would just go for a 3 main B motor myself but on occasion when the chance comes up somebody will pony up for a MK2 engine.

Thats my story at the moment and this motor has the gear for the tack!
Steven Devine

Steve, my understanding is that the 1622cc motor was unique to MGA's.
Other Morris cars in Oz had the 1620cc motor installed.
My previous MGA MK2 had the 1622 stamped on the block, a Morris Major I had was stamped 1620.
It is a very 'special' block for owners of genuine Mk2 MGA's.
Regards, Don TF 4887
D J Walker


The Australian engine with 1620 cast on the engine block was in fact 1622.
It had the same bore and stroke as the English 1622 engine but had the 1500/1600 type crankshaft.
The English 1622 pushrod and the 1588 Twin Cam crankshafts had a different design and cannot be fitted in a 1500, 1600, nor the Australian 1620 engine.
The Australian engine also did not have the more efficient English 1622 cylinder head.

M F Anderson

The base 1622 engine was fitted to a lot of BMC cars and vans. The only unique aspect of the MGA version is the tach take-off and the lack of a mechanical fuel pump window in the block. The window can be blanked off with a plate, and the tacho boss is cast on all versions, and just needs drilling through.

The best source for information on the engine use is Neil Cairn's book, available online here

He lists the following applications of the engine
Morris Oxford Series 6
Di Tella, ( Argentina)
Austin Cambridge A60
Wolseley 16/60
M.G. Magnette Mk4
Riley 4/72
M.G. MGA 1600 Mk2
A60 1/2 ton Commercials
Farinas with Alternators, '71 only
BMC 1/2 Ton Van
BMC 'B' Gold Seal recon-engines
Hanomag-Henschel van

and the BMC J type van also used it, plus some other 60's Austin and Morris vans AFAIK

dominic clancy

You need to swap the camshaft to MGA if using an A60 or Morriss Oxford motor.
Art Pearse

Lots of good info here:

But the question is..... what are the cores worth?

1622 Engine block

1622 crank

1622/1800 conn rods
Steven Devine

Heres what we are talking about!

Steven Devine

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