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MG MGA - 1622 water pump

Hi, I've jumped over from the midget part of the forum for my Dad because he hasn't heard of the internet yet! Anyway, his MGA water pump has packed up, he bought a new one and cut a long story short the new pump's pulley is about an inch too far forward of the crank pulley. His engine is a 1622 though and he is unsure of its origen. Having done a bit of googling I have established it could be from a Sherpa van to an A55! Has anyone come across this before?

Cheers in advance, Steve
Steve Hipkiss

Steve, engine no would help a lot. Its on the aluminium tag at the top of the block.
Art Pearse

I recently replaced the water pump on my Mk2 Coupe (Original 1622 engine)
The Replacement Cast Iron ones from MGOC fitted just fine they are made by County. are you sure your Dad bought the correct pump for the MGA 1622?
P D Camp


Has your dad changed the pulley, I seem to recall different size pullys were available. It's possible that if the new pump came with a pulley it's the pulley which is the problem.

Apologies if you have already checked this.

John Bray

All MGAs use the same water pump. Is it possible that bought an MGB pump instead? I seem to remember that they were longer.
Keith Lowman

Having installed a "B" engine in my "A", I can tell you that there are several lengths of "B" water pumps. It took me a couple tries to find the right one for my "B" engine. I suspect any "B" pump will bolt right on an "A;" I don't know that any will line up with the pully or fit behind the radiator. Go for the "A" pump.

k v morton

I think this is the answer, the 'dish' depth on the pulley as it were is different. Thanks to all who gave me feedback, maybe my dad will get the internet one day and sort his own problems!
Cheers again, Steve
Steve Hipkiss

The 1622 blocks were updated around '67 and had the following :- larger oil pump casting ..larger water pump casting..both same as 5 main engines.. so you have a choice of water pumps and the late 18v short pump is whats needed for MGA application...these later blocks don't have the hole machined for the tach drive,so thats one tell tale sign..
TJ Trevithick

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