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MG MGA - 18 GB head

Gentlemen, I am looking at purchasing a head which is a 1.8 MGB cylinder head Casting number 12H2389. I need one for my 3 main GB engine I plan to rebuild. I am also looking to use it in my 1600 untill then. Is this the correct head, or is this the one with the hole in the ports?
WMR Bill

Bill, I can't answer your question about the head, but 18GB is a 5 main bearing engine, not a 3. The 3 bearing 1800 engines are 18G and 18GA series.
Andy Bounsall

You may find this document of interest:

Steve Gyles

Any early head from a 3 main or 5 main MGB will work, but if your MGA isn't a Mk 2 with flat top pistons, it is the wrong one for that and will give less than 8:1 compression.
Bill Spohn

This thread was discussed on 05/01/2009

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