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MG MGA - 1929 badge

I know this is off mga topic but I thought someone on the list might be familiar with older car collectibles . I have a 1929 brass automotive badge from "The Automobile Club of America" with an eagle on top of it and enamel inlay with a yellow flag with a light green cross in it and a spoked wheel in the middle of the cross. I cant find any info on it or the Automobile Club of America (and I though Google could find everything ;-( Anyone with some insight to it's history ?
Thanks in advance
Chris "V"
1961 MGA

Chris Velardi

Simple. Google "The Automobile Club of America", and get 72,000 references. Lots of good reading. I found one article on the sale of one of the winged badges, serial number 1372, sold for $575, 29 August 1999,Los Angeles.
In 1899, the same year that Wilbur and Orville Wright became interested in flying, the Automobile Club of America was founded in New York City by a number of well-placed citizens.

1900 - The first major automobile show in the United States opens at Madison Square Garden in New York City, sponsored by The Automobile Club of America. --

1900 - The Automobile Club of America hosts the first automobile race in New York. Nine cars .... [Side note: The first automobile race in America was held in Jackson Park, IL (Chicago) in 1896].

How about 900 pages of "History of The Automobile Club of America" with copies of "The Club Journal" 1911-1914:
Barney Gaylord

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