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MG MGA - 1955 MGA 'Barn Find'

Hi all,

As rare as these cars are in Japan, I found a 1955 RHD for sale. It looks like it's complete and maybe original? Look at the carpet right behind the gear selector, period radio, etc. I am wondering if it would be worth the trip to see it in person and what it could be worth as at least a parts car. Currently the price is around $500 but the car has no paperwork.


Tommy Baker

$500 USD? If so ... worth a look.
C.R. Tyrell

If it was here in the states, it would be worth more than $500. And in the UK it would be worth a lot more.
Steve Simmons

Goodness. I would snap it up. The windscreen frame alone is worth the selling price.

Steve Gyles

Absolutely worth $500 in most markets. Is there an interest for used MGA parts in Japan? Could you recommission it and sell it? Could certainly make a profit if you exported it to a new home, given that the documentation can be worked out.
George G.

$500US is a steal - the engine would be worth that weighed as scrap! But it looks good inside so probably too good to scrap.
Cam Cunningham

Exporting to us without a tile or paperwork might be an significant issue. US states vary in difficulty in obtaining a title. Don't know about other countries.
Bill Haglan

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