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MG MGA - 1958 Metropolitan 1500 Engine

Gentlemen: Can anyone of you refer me to a source of manuals (Rebuild/ parts/conversion) for this engine that I have that is attached o an MGA gearbox... I also need same manuals for this gearbox.
Rod Murray
Rod Murray

Here for the manual

and here for the metropolitan specific parts

And all the MGA suppliers for the normal MGA parts
dominic clancy

Rod, just a note, My experience with the Metropolitan 1500 Engine is that it is every bit the same as our MGA engines except that there is no provisions for a machanical tachometer. You will be required to use a MGB electronic tach or change out the camshaft and mill the block.

WMR Bill

Thank you both for the info!
Question for WMR Bill... A previous thread on Metropolitan engines suggested that the output from these Metropolitan engines was significantly reduced, from that of the original MGA engine. Since you identify that they (Met Engines) are "every bit the same as our MGA engines except tha there is no provisions for the mechanical tachometer"; do you know if the Met engines can be modified to be the same as the origianl MGA engines, and do you know where I might find out what needs changing to do this?
Rod Murray
Rod Murray

My long-gone '56 Metropolitan not only didn't have the tach drive, it didn't have an oil filter! Less maintenance that way, according to the manual. I think the compression ratio was lower as well.

k v morton

The fact that it is a 1500 engine suggests that the block and crank are the same as a MG 1500 engine. However, the pistons and the head are different. Dished pistons, and smaller valves in the head. Of course it had only one carburator. It might have a different camshaft too, but I'm not positive about that. They look very similar externally, but they are not the same engine when you compare all of the individual parts. You might be able to use the block and fit MG head, pistons, and other parts to make an engine. It sounds easier to locate a true MGA engine to rebuild. That way you have all of the correct parts.
Ed Bell

The Met heads have much smaller intake valves and the single carburetor. The Met blocks have no tach drive. It is not uncommon for the Met short block to appear in an MGA with either the Met head or the MGA "15" head with larger valves (original to the MGA). The small valve head might as well be a boat anchor, causing the MGA to drive like a 40hp VW, even with dual carbs.
Barney Gaylord

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